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6 Cooking Gadgets That Will Make Your Life Easier

6 Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier Collage

The need to save time while cooking this holiday is something every home cook can appreciate. The faster you get meals prepped and made, the faster you get to the celebration and to the table with your family. Kitchen tools that make prep easier and cleanup faster are the best way to cut down on the time that you need to spend on every meal.

These six time saving kitchen tools all work well, are meant for the prep stages of your cooking and are all designed for quick cleaning too. Check them out to find out what they do, why I love them and why you should add them to your set of necessary kitchen tools.

Lekue Pasta Cooker Orange

Lekue Pasta Cooker, Orange

Timing is everything when it comes to making pasta dishes, and an experienced cook knows that she had to have enough time to prep, wait for water to boil and get sauce prepared. But what if you could cut pasta making time down considerably, leave your stovetop clean, even let the kiddos handle making a simple meal? The Lekue line of cookers uses specially designed containers that are meant to be used in the microwave, cooking and steaming food that can be served up in minutes. The Pasta Cooker has a special lid that prevents bubbling over, something most microwave pasta cookers don’t account for, and a built in strainer.

Zyliss FastCut Herb Tool

Zyliss FastCut Herb Tool

Being able to cut, mince and chop herbs quickly is something that a lot of home chefs struggle with because they are never sure of the right way to do it, or complain that the tiny leaves are hard to manage. The fast cut herb tool is designed to get the job done with just a could swift strokes, no matter what amount of herbs you are working with. The blades are sharp, so use caution, but they need to be to slice through a stack of fresh herbs.

RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper

RSVP Shuck Deluxe Corn Stripper

Fresh corn is one of the best harvest veggies to add to the menu, and there are so many ways to prepare it. One of the most tedious chores though, is shucking ear after ear of corn to use in any of your dishes. Its difficult, its messy and it takes up a lot of time. This kitchen tool is designed to keep the mess contained, is easy enough for older kids to safely use and takes just minutes to shuck a large batch of corn. This is one tool I wish I had learned about a lot sooner.

OXO Good Grips Fat Separator

OXO Good Grips 4-Cup Fat Separator

Making your own gravy, broth and cream really takes your cooking up a notch, but there is a reason why so many home chefs buy it canned– it takes a lot of patience and is tricky to get just right. One of the biggest problems involves straining out lumps and sediment and then separating the fat from gravy and broth. The OXO Fat Separator is designed so that once the fat rises to the top of the tool, the gravy can be poured out without worrying about the two mixing again. The fitted strainer at the top of the cup is an added bonus that is useful, and missing from most other separators.

Progressive International Dice and Pop Chooper

Progressive International Dice and Pop Chooper

I love dicing up veggies and adding them to as many dishes as possible, but the time it takes to dice is almost as long as some dishes take to cook and serve. With the dice and pop, you can have veggies diced with a single move and then pop the results into the cup holder for easy measuring.

Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

Norpro Mandoline Slicer Grater with Guard

Mandoline slicers have been around for while, but there are so many kitchens out there without one, or at least a decent one. Because of the way in which you use a mandoline to quickly slice all types of vegetables, you need one that is stable, easy to handle and has a good blade so that you don’t have to repeatedly redo cuts. The Norpro offers all of these things and has several interchangeable blades so that you have different ways to slice up your veggies and even has an easy to use grip system so that you can slice right over a bowl for quick plating.

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  1. Great list! I have a dicer that I use all the time, definitely a time saver. I’m so scared of a mandoline so mine sits in a cupboard, but yeah they are also helpful!

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