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20 DIY Rustic Shelf Ideas

20 DIY Rustic Shelf Ideas20 DIY Rustic Shelf Ideas

Rustic shelving is all the rage. Personally, as a mother of three, I kind of appreciate this already dented and paint chipped furniture because truthfully that is what my kids do to all of our furniture anyway. Hmmm…entrepreneurial idea coming..anyway I do love that rustic look although I incorporate it with other types of styles for a more eclectic look. I love anything wood and so rustic is always a part of my design. We hope that you enjoy our 20 DIY Rustic Shelf Ideas post.

  1. Easy To Build Kitchen Shelves from
  2. DIY Farmhouse Shelves from
  3. Crate Shelves Bathroom Organizer from
  4. Easy DIY Children's Book Shelves from
  5. Industrial Piping Shelves from
  6. Rustic Modern Shelves from
  7. DIY Crate Shelves from
  8. DIY Rustic Bathroom Shelves from
  9. DIY Rope Shelf from
  10. Barn Wood Shelf And Coat Rack from
  11. How To Build Floating Shelves from
  12. DIY Floating Shelf from
  13. Vintage Floral Mod Podged Ladder Shelving from
  14. DIY Rustic Shelf from
  15. DIY Pallet Shelves from
  16. Rolling DIY Bookshelf from
  17. Laundry Room Shelving from
  18. Nesting Box Wall Shelf from
  19. Reclaimed Wood Platter Rack from
  20. DIY Industrial Pipe Shelves from

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  1. Tamra Phelps

    Lord knows we always need more shelves (or any storage, for that matter.) I like several of these ideas. I might not go quite so rustic, lol, since I’m not a big fan of the distressed look, but I like the ideas.

  2. Lynne B

    I like the idea of floating shelves, especially in smaller rooms.

  3. Rosie

    I love the DIY Crate Shelves it reminds of shelves we made as newlyweds!

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