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If you’re familiar with my site, you know I LOVE a good gift guide!

This year, my team and I have put together a list of our top picks of everything we have tried and purchased in the last year.

We have top picks from Beauty to tech and everything in between!


Editor’s Picks


For the person obsessed with: MAKEUP

Why Florasis?: Florasis isn’t only the best looking makeup that lives on my vanity, but it is also one of the best makeup companies I have ever tried! Their Love Lock Lipstick is beautiful and their Lavender Setting Powder leaves my skin looking flawless!

Favorite Products:

  • Love Lock Lipstick
  • Lavender Setting Powder

Editor’s Picks

RMS Beauty

For the person obsessed with: BEAUTY TOOLS

Why RMS?: RMS has a wide variety of beauty products and tools, with their brushes being one of my most frequently used!

Favorite Products:

  • The Pro Kit
  • Best of RMS Collection

Editor’s Picks


For the person obsessed with: SKINCARE

Why Shikohin?: Shukohin’s Body Ritual set has found a way into not only my heart but in my shower as well. Their body oil and scrub are part of my weekly spa routine!

Favorite Products:

  • Body Ritual
  • Tsubo-Oshi Massage Tool

Editor’s Picks 

Mented Cosmetics


Editor's Picks: Our Must-Sees, Must-Reads, Must-Tries

For the person obsessed with: LIPS

Why Mented Cosmetics?: Mented has a huge variety of makeup products with our favorite being the balms away coconut lip treatment.

Favorite Products:

  • Never Too Much Bundle
  • Balms Away Coconut Lip Treatment

LED Technologies

For the person obsessed with: RED LIGHT THERAPY

Why LED Technologies?: The Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser is one of the best beauty products I have ever tried! I absolutely love the way that the cleanser helps make my soap sudsy and really makes me feel like I am actually cleaning my skin!

Favorite Products:

  • Soniqué Mini LED Sonic Cleanser
  • Lux Collection dpl IIa


 For the person obsessed with: SKIN PROTECTION

Why Colorescience?: Skin Protection is something I am very passionate about! Weather I am going to the beach or just taking a quick ride to the store, SPF is a must! Which is why Colorescience is one of my top picks this year!

Favorite Products:

  • Sunforgettable Total Protection
  • Lip Shine

Mario Badescu

For the person obsessed with: SKIN CARE

Why Mario Badescu?: Mario Badescu has a large variety of skincare products to help with any needs you have. Their viral Drying Lotion is one of the most highly recommended products for acne breakouts to help get rid of your acne.

Favorite Products:

  • Drying Lotion
  • H.A. Botanical Body Soap

Brush on Block

For the person obsessed with: BEING IN THE SUN

Why Brush on Block?: One of my absolute favorite things in the world is powder SPF! There is something so satisfying about having a brush on sunblock and not having to use a cream or can to achieve sun protection.

Favorite Product:

  • Brush On Block Translucent Mineral Powder 


Vita Juwel 

For the person obsessed with: CRYSTALS AND GEMS

Why Vita Juwel?: We all know that Crystals aren’t only pretty, but hold a certain energy to them too. That’s why having crystals in your water bottle, can really seem to help balance you. These bottles are super cute, as well as functional for an active lifestyle.

Favorite Products:

  • ViA Wellness
  • ViA Five Elements


For the person obsessed with: WATER

Why BlueShift?: As somebody who suffers from chronic dehydration, having water with nutrients In it is just one of the best things I can get for myself. Blue Shift has so many options for not just flavors, but also the bottles you can use to drink it. They even have a bottle that AUTOMATICALLY BLENDS your drink and can be charged wirelessly!

Favorite Products:

  • BlueShift Wellness Bottle
  • BlueShift Sidekick


For the person obsessed with: HAVING CLEAN EARS

Why BeBird?: I am OBSESSED with my Bebird! I have found myself staring at my inner ears for hours, fishing out all of the earwax I can get on the end of my Note 5 Pro! I am absolutely fascinated by this, and can say that this is one of the best investments on this list!

Favorite Product:

  • BeBird Note 5 pro

More Labs

For the person obsessed with: GOING OUT ON A SUNDAY NIGHT

Why More Labs?: We’ve all had that night that we have a little… too much fun during. Well, if you wind up there and have to wake up the next morning, More Labs is for you. They have drinks ranging from Morning Recovery to help with those pesky hang overs, to Dream Well to help you sleep when you cant seem to catch those Z’s.

Favorite Products:

  • Morning Recovery
  • Dream Well


For the person obsessed with: HEALTHY BREATHING

Why Resbiotic?: Our lungs are one of the most important organs we have… so why wouldn’t we try everything to protect and support them? Resbiotic offers a special blend to help support your lungs and respiratory system.

Favorite Product:

  • resB Lung Support

Kombucha Kamp

For the person obsessed with: KOMBUCHA

Why Kombucha Kamp?: There are so many health benefits to drinking Kombucha! My son has been obsessed with Kombucha for a few years now and this seemed like the perfect gift for him. He loved making his own Kombucha at home, and it was also a learning experience for him in both the world of health and science.

Favorite Product:

  • Kombucha Brew Now Jar Kit


Adelante Made to Order

For the person obsessed with: SHOES… SHOES… SHOES

Why Adelante?: Where do I even start with Adelante… I am obsessed with these shoes!!! I was able to create my own custom shoes from the color of the exterior to the soles. It was such a fun experience with an amazing reward! The best part… the shoes were made when I ordered them. They hadn’t been stocked in a warehouse or ready to go, I was able to create my shoes completely custom to me!

Favorite Products:

  • The Havana
  • The Sabina


For the person obsessed with: Luxury Loungewear

Why Maaji?: One of the luxuries I love most in life is being able to step out of my shower, and put on a sleepwear set that I love being in. It just starts my night off in the right way! Maaji has so many amazing options that all look, and smell, amazing. 

Favorite Products:

  • Crayonflower Tariah Kimono
  • Floral Dandelion Sleep Pant Set


For the person obsessed with: JEWELS!!!

Why Bisoulovely?: My teens are obsessed with their new pieces from Bisoulovely! From my youngest to my oldest, all three were able to find a ring or pedant that they not only loved, but would be wearing on the regular!

Favorite Products:

  • The Planchette Pendant
  • The Jordan Ring

Ace Marks Shoes

For the person obsessed with: Leather!

Why Ace Marks?: Ace Marks shoes are absolutely beautiful and crafted in Italy! When it comes to shoes, It is very hard to top Ace Marks! My son is obsessed with his recent order from Ace Marks and wears them every chance he gets!

Favorite Products:

  • The Maximo Sneaker
  • The Wayne Travel Sneaker



For the person obsessed with: JAMMIES

Why Boody?: We all love a good loungewear set… don’t we? Boody’s loungewear set definitely did NOT disappoint. When I tell you I live, sleep, and breathe in this loungewear set… It isn’t an understatement.

Favorite Products:

  • Long Sleeve Sleep Tee
  • Weekend Sweat Shorts


Baja Llama

For the person obsessed with: LOOKING THEIR BEST

Why Baja Llama?: My teens LOVE cute tees, and Baja Llama has them all! Their adorable shirts and super cute pants are perfect for any age!

Favorite Products:

  • White Lobster Tee
  • Arroyo Walk Pants

Black Socks

For the person obsessed with: DAPPER SOCKS

Why Black Socks?: What’s the quickest way to elevate a basic outfit… FUNKY SOCKS!!! I love buying fun socks for my family members because I know its something that the would love that they wouldn’t exactly think to get themselves!

Favorite Products:

  • Funky Box 17
  • Funky 101


For the person obsessed with: CLOTHES

Why Blair?: Blair has a large variety of outfits for all beautiful body types.

Favorite Product:

  • DenimEase Back-Elastic Jeans



For the person obsessed with: BRACELETS

Why Lokai?: I remember a few years ago when Lokai first came on the scene with their super cute bracelets… They have upped their game A LOT now offering bracelets made from everything from tiger’s eye to pearls, and they are beautiful!!!

Favorite Products:

  • Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
  • Pink Quartz Bracelet

Dune Jewelry

For the person obsessed with: JEWELRY WITH A MEANING

Why Dune Jewelry?: I love getting souvenirs when I am on vacation, especially when they have a good meaning. Dune Jewelry offers accessories with the option to add sand or minerals from almost anywhere in the world!

Favorite Products:

  • Wave Necklace – Turquoise Gradient
  • Wave Bracelet – Turquoise Gradient


Velotric Bikes

For the person obsessed with: BIKE RIDES

Why Velotric?: We’ve all seen those electric bikes around the city, but have you ever thought that you could own one? Velotric has the best electric bikes on the market. My family has cut down our Carbon Emissions a ton since getting one of these bikes. When we are going to the store or on a trip solo, we always try to take the bike rather than driving a car for one person. We’ve even taken family trips to the park with our electric bike and scooter!

Favorite Product:

  • Nomad 1 High Step

Rave Sports

For the person obsessed with: THE BEACH

Why Rave?: I have always loved the water. As a girl who grew up in Hawaii, The water became a huge part of my life. I have always loved kayaking and paddle boarding, and now, I can go whenever I want! The Rave Kota Stand Up Paddle Board is everything I hoped it would be!

Favorite Product:

  • Kota – Borealis Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Package

Green Life

For the person obsessed with: Cooking

Why Green Life?: As a busy mom of 3, I have to make sure that I can rely on the cookware and baking tools I am using, Thats why I love Green Life! My teens have been loving the Breakfast Maker for morning when they are up bright and early!

Favorite Product:

  • Breakfast Maker


For the person obsessed with: KEEPING THEIR PHONE SAFE

Why Peel?: With Phones being such a big investment, it is so important to protect them! Protect them the right way with Peel Cases!

Favorite Products:

  • AirTag Keychain
  • Super Thin iPhone Case


Cozy Earth

For the person obsessed with: Sleeping on Luxury

Why Cozy Earth?: We spend so much time in our beds, so it is so important to find a comfortable sheet set! Cozy earth really impressed me with these sheets and their duvet cover is AMAZING!

Favorite Products:

  • Bamboo Sheet Set
  • Bamboo Duvet Cover

HoneyDew Sleep

For the person obsessed with: HAVING THE SOFTEST PILLOW

Why HoneyDew Sleep?: I LOVE PILLOWS!!! And wow are these body pillows amazing! No matter how I turn at night I will have a pillow to lean on. I sleep with one body pillow on each side of myself, almost like a little fort, but make it adult… and I am comfortable all night!

Favorite Product:

  • Body by Honeydew

Olive + Crate

For the person obsessed with: HAVING A GOOD NIGHTS SLEEP

Why Olive + Crate?: Yes, having a good mattress is important, but so is having a nice set off sheets! The Tencel Fiber Sheet Set makes me feel so luxurious and has become a staple in my bedding routine.

Favorite Product:

  • Eucalyptus – TENCEL Fiber Sheet Set

Max and Lily

For the person obsessed with: HAVING THE BEST FURNITURE

Why Max and Lily?: Having a good bed isn’t an issue only for parents. It is imperative that children have a bed that will help foster sleep and growth, which is why Max and Lily is the perfect addition to any child’s bedroom!

Favorite Product:

  • Kid's Twin-Size High Loft Bed with Bookcase with Desk


For the person obsessed with: HAVING A MODERN KITCHEN

Why Cribsi?: Cribsi offers so many products from bathing to kitchen, but my favorite is by far the egg! The Egg is a knife blog that is super easy to clean and very aesthetically pleasing.

Favorite Product:

  • ID3 Knife Block – The Egg

Better Air

For the person obsessed with: BREATHING CLEAN AIR

Why Better Air?: It is so important to make sure that the air we are breathing in, is actually clean air. Better air helps clean the air and make sure that you are breathing in the best air possible!

Favorite Product:

  • Biotica800


For the person obsessed with: STAYING WARM IN THE WINTER

Why Mozy?: Being a mom of kids who were always playing sports, I spent many cold fall nights in the metal bleachers. The Mozy is perfect for those nights, Protecting your legs from the elements. Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Mozy Softshell
  • Mozy 22


Aged & Ore

For the person obsessed with: HAVING THE CUTEST BAR CART IN TOWN

Why Aged & Ore?: We’ve all had an experience where we go out of town, get a drink, and the only thing to pour it into are those paper cups in the hotel room. Now, with Aged & Ore, we can travel with our drinks and have the cutest cups to serve them in.

Favorite Products:

  • Bottle Flight
  • Spirits Flight

Alaska Gold Seafood

For the person obsessed with: SEAFOOD

Why Alaska Gold Seafood?: If you are a fan of any sea food… this is the one of you! When I tell you these were the best crab legs I’ve ever had… THEY WERE THE BEST CRAB LEGS I’VE EVER HAD!!! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Product:

  • Dungeness Crab


Chef Shop

For the person obsessed with: COOKING

Why Chef Shop?: My entire family has worked in the food industry and sometimes we struggle to find a supplier for those hard to find ingredients in out favorite recipes. Well, Chef Shop has it all! From flower salts to Pistachio Cream we can find all of our favs at ChefShop.com Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Sal de IBIZA
  • Pistachio Cream


Lamb Wolf

For the person obsessed with: HAVING THE BEST DRESSED DOG

Why Lamb Wolf?: Who doesn’t love a dapper dog? My pups are in love with their clothes from Lamb Wolf, especially my son’s pup Cooper. He seems almost comforted by the clothing and it has really elevated his style! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Brooklyn
  • Baby Fleece Bathrobe

CoCo & Bark

For the person obsessed with: DOG BEDS

Why CoCo & Bark?: My pup’s love anything to do with calming beds, and they have gone through their fair share of them as well. The Calming Pet Blanket was a new concept to us but I am so glad we gave it a shot! Cooper will not lay anywhere but his blanket at night and absolutely loves it! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Calming Pet Blanket
  • Super Soft Luxury Dog Bed


For the person obsessed with: THE WELLNESS OF THEIR DOG

Why PawTree?: What do dogs love more than anything else? TREATS! Pawtree’s Dog Treats aren’t only delicious, but they are also nutritious for your dog! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Freeze Dried Duck & Mango
  • Dry Roasted Chicken, Pumpkin & Cinnamon Strips



For the kids obsessed with: LEARNING HOW TO COOK

Why Eat 2 Explore?: I come from a family of cooks and restaurant owners, making cooking a very important part of our lives. My family loves to cook together and Eat 2 Explore is a great way for us to try new recipes from all over the world! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Explore Europe
  • Explore Middle East

Editor’s Picks


For the kids obsessed with: BUILDING

Why UGears?: All of my kids love building toys and these gifts from UGear are amazing! My son is obsessed with the Aero Clock and Mechanical Celesta! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Aero Clock
  • Mechanical Celesta


For the kids obsessed with: CLOTHES

Why RuffleButts?: O… M… G… These clothes are SO CUTE!!! I picked out clothes for my niece and nephew from RuffleButts and they are the cutest clothes they own! They even have rash guards and are safety oriented.

Favorite Products:

  • Long Sleeve One Piece Rash Guard
  • Jawsome Gray Swim Trunks


Editor’s Picks

Smilyn Wellness

For the person obsessed with: KEEPING CALM

Why Smilyn Wellness?: I have tried many CBD/Cannabis Brands and Smilyn Wellness is one of my new favs! Their products are high quality and some of the smoothest I have ever tried! Their gummies are AMAZING! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • Smilyn Chocolate Malt Balls
  • Delta 8 Chocolate Bar

Editor’s Picks

Uncle Buds

For the person obsessed with: GUMMIES

Why Uncle Buds?: Uncle Buds offers great tasting CBD gummies and candies. I have loved everything I have tried from them, especially the Cherry Candies! Editor’s Picks

Favorite Products:

  • CBD Cherry Candies
  • CBD Sour Bears

CBD Rethink 

For the person obsessed with: HOLISTIC WELLNESS

Why CBD Rethink?: CBD Rethink has so much to offer! From people to pups, they have everybody covered! I am a sucker for Muscle and Joint Roll Ons and theirs did not disappoint!

Favorite Products:

  • Hemp Muscle & Joint Roll On
  • CBD Dog Treats

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