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Shari’s Berries Makes the Perfect Gift

Shari's Berries Christmas Cake Pops

If you know me, then you know that I LOVE entertaining. We love having people in our home. We love attending parties and I really love everything about the holiday season.

I also love food. I am especially fond of sweets and I jumped at the chance to work with Shari's Berries.

Look at all of the fun things that you can get this holiday season.

Serious cookie aficionados have these tools because they make cookie making so much fun:

Best Cookie Sheet Tray pan  |  Cookie Tray Liner  |  Cookie Spatula  |  Stainless Steel Cooling Racks

Glass Display Case – Cake Plate with Dome  |   Cake/Cookie Decorating Kit   |  Medium Size Cookie Scoop

Cookie Jar with Airtight Lid  |  Cookie Press  |  Round Cookie Cutter/Fondant Cake Cutter/Biscuit Cutters Kit


These festive Christmas chocolate cake pops are perfect to celebrate Christmas. Each fudgy chocolate cake pop is the perfect combination of gooey fudgy chocolate interior with a crisp chocolaty exterior. Decorated with characters like Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus and even an Elf makes them perfect for any chocolate lover.

Shari's Berries Christmas Cake Pops 2


They've taken their world famous strawberries and dressed them up for Christmas. First, they pick only the freshest, juiciest and biggest strawberries they can find, and dip them in milk, dark or white. To make them fancy enough for a Christmas gift, they top the milk off with red & white swizzles, the dark with chocolate chips and the white with Christmas sprinkles. These Gourmet Dipped Christmas Strawberries are AMAZING!

Shari's Berries Chocolately Dipped Strawberries Shari's Berries Dipped Strawberries



Send some holiday hugs this season with these fabulous gingerbread cookies decorated by hand to look like little presents, gingerbread boys, candy canes, snowmen and penguins. What an adorable present under the tree or on your table!

Shari's Berries Gingerbread CookiesShari's Berries Gingerbread Cookies Closeup 2



This Gingerbread Carousel is a holiday gift that puts a new spin on the classic gingerbread house. Each piece of spicy gingerbread is handmade and hand-decorated, from the horses to the holiday wreathes. Arrives fully assembled and ready to enjoy.



Shari's Berries Gingerbread Horse Carousel


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