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Did you know that according to experts, nearly 25% of people have never checked their credit report?

When is the last time that you checked your credit report? Honestly for me it has been a few years. That is not a good thing.

The holidays offer the perfect opportunity for someone to steal your identity. You might be using credit cards more and more. You are probably making larger than usual purchases so your information is a lot more available for a thief waiting in the wings to buy something with your good name.


Their mission is simple at Quizzle. They want to provide everyone across America with a free credit report and credit score. They aim to deliver consumers a heightened credit awareness and understanding. Quizzle works hard to provide users with the education and financial confidence to manage their own credit effectively.

Quizzle has developed top-notch credit tools to help users gain a complete understanding of their home, money and credit. They will show you how your credit report and score impact all the aspects of your life, including your car insurance, ability by a home, refinance your mortgage, or even lease an apartment.


Quizzle is the only true provider of a free credit score and report on the web – no credit card or trial purchase required, no strings attached. In fact, they are the only site that provides a credit report in its entirety, easy to read and understand – not just short snippets of information or fake credit “report cards”.

To provide this clearest and most accurate information possible, Quizzle partners with other companies who provide information and services that we know will best benefit you. Upon request, we can connect you with our credit experts or our trusted partners to ensure you get the best information and advice available.


There are lots of things that you can to become more fiscally responsible and the holidays are a good time to start.

1 Having good credit can help you get the best deals. That 0% financing offer? That is only available to those with a high credit score. Everyone else pays an interest rate. Some higher than others.

2. If you find yourself using credit cards more during the holidays like many of us do, then you should know that you are paying an interest rate based on your credit score. Those presents could cost you twice as much.

3. Do what you can to budget and use credit cards as little as possible. The holidays are the perfect time to pay in cash only or to get as many points or other rewards as possible for what you do put on credit cards.

4. Before you start any of your holiday shopping, check your credit report and know where you stand. If you find yourself suddenly wanting to make a big purchase, then knowing where you stand credit wise could make a big difference in the the total purchase price.

5. Monitoring your credit report during the holidays means that if identity theft happens, you may catch it immediately.



You can go to Quizzle right now to get your free credit report.

Credit helps you get what you want. For a complete understanding of your credit and how to put it work for you, visit www.quizzle.com for your absolutely free credit report and score.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Quizzle. The opinions and text are all mine.

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