Most attractive community of luxury property in Dubai? – Welcome to Emaar Beachfront!

Most attractive community of luxury property in Dubai? – Welcome to Emaar Beachfront!

Most attractive community of luxury property in Dubai? – Welcome to Emaar Beachfront!

The project from the famous developer Emaar Properties will be appreciated by those who want to live on the shores of the Persian Gulf. Emaar Beachfront is located on an artificial peninsula between two lively communities Palm Jumeirah and Jumeirah Beach Residences. Although the locality is still in process of developing, it attracts more and more investors due to the abundance of alluring characteristics. Buying an apartments in Emaar Beachfront, you invest in cozy marine atmosphere, various yacht clubs nearby, and a whole range of recreational opportunities.


Present and future infrastructure of the community  

The community Emmar Beachfront is planned to stretch for almost 1000 square meters. To transform such a huge territory into a perfect place for residence, the developers intend to create 27 skyscrapers, cafes, restaurants, service infrastructure and its own beach. There can be no doubt that the plan will be fulfilled as the author of the project and the developer is Emaar Properties, a well-known development company in Dubai, which has been operating here since 1997. The company boasts of a list of successful ideas such as Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai and others. So, let`s look at what has already been brought to life and what we are waiting for.

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Finished amenities

  • Beach Vista. The complex consists of two towers with 33 and 26 floors, connected by a six-level podium. A total of 375 residential units are offered in the project. The investors can choose among 1-4 bedroom apartments with a glass balcony, stylish façade, and all the facilities included.
  • Sunrise Bay. The complex is represented by two skyscrapers connected with a five floor podium. More than 210 vast apartments are waiting for the owners. The price in the residential complex starts from AED 1,690,000. If you are looking for a spacious residence, Sunrise Bay offers homes of more than 65 square footage.

Amenities in the state of building

  • Grand Bleu Tower II. The complex is created in cooperation with the famous ELIE SAAB and differs from the neighboring skyscrapers. Grand Bleu Tower is made of glass, while white and gold panels complement the incredible outlay. 36 residential levels with an exclusive selection of 1-4 bedroom apartments are available. The footage of the apartments varies from 72 to 990 square meters. The price starts from AED 2,385,000 for a 1-bedroom and AED 31,000,000 for the whole floor. Yes, the possibility of owning a whole floor exists.
  • Marina Vista. The complex consists of two buildings of 35 and 45 floors. It offers first-class apartments and villas to investors from all over the world. Along with the house, you also get dozens of fashionable restaurants, shops and views of the seaside right from the windows.

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As you see the project is almost completed, that`s why it attracts more and more visitors with the desire to make their money work here. Is it really so profitable to invest in Emaar Beachfront? Let`s it find out.

Economic attractiveness of Emaar Beachfront

The great location of near proximity to the sea makes the area a must-visit point for many tourists. It directly influences the rent rate. The experts claim that the real estate return in the community reaches 7% per annum.

The purpose of purchasing a property in Emaar Beachfront does not really matter. The locality is suitable for peaceful living with a family as well as for leasing. Great number of tourists, freelancers, employees looking for a better job automatically makes any apartment in high demand.

Besides, you may buy an already finished apartment or an off-plan one, and get a residential visa of UAE for 3 years. It is important that the cost of your purchase is more than AED 750,000. The off-plan buildings are often followed with special conditions and pleasant prices. Visit the website to explore some of the most beneficial variants in the area.

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Real estate taxes in Emaar Beachfront

Foreign investors choose the UAE because of the advantageous tax system. There is no purchase tax, no annual property ownership tax, no capital gains tax, no inheritance tax, no gift tax, and no income or corporate tax. However, some of the fees you have to pay.

  1. Transfer fee on real estate buying – 4%
  2. Administrative fee – AED 540
  3. Registration fee – AED 2000 (a property of less than AED 500,000) or AED 4000 (a property of more than AED 500,000)
  4. A duty in a local court – AED 250

Some other expenses include licensed agency services, a fee on loan processing. Their cost may vary depending on the deal.

The outcomes 

Even in the state of developing, Emaar Beachfront is a perfect option for investment. Profitable return, advantageous offers, and absence of additional taxes are the main beneficial options for any investor.

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