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Long Sleeve Graphic Tees for Girls

Long Sleeve Graphic Tees for Girls

Long Sleeve Graphic Tees for Girls

Tea Collection Ame Kitsune Graphic Tee – $24.50

Ame Kitsune is Japanese for “rain fox.” In Japan, foxes are thought to be good symbols of forthcoming rain, which helps crops. We designed this graphic in the style of a classic packaging label for rice flour.

Tea Collection Shizen Graphic Tee – $24.50

Shizen means “nature” in Japanese. Traditional Japanese culture and philosophy holds nature in very high regard.

Tea Collection Fukuro Graphic Tee – $24.50

Fukuro means “owl” in Japanese. We think this pretty pink tee, featuring a pair of these beguiling birds, is a wise choice.

Tea Collection Tanpopo Graphic Tee – $24.50

Tanpopo is Japanese for “dandelion.” This pretty pink tee features two puffballs ready to help her wishes take flight.

Tea Collection Kaze Twirl Top – $26.50

Kaze means “wind” in Japanese. This fluttery top features a soaring bird design filled with nature motifs

Tea Collection Moshi Moshi Graphic Tee – $24.50

Moshi moshi is a Japanese greeting people say when they answer the telephone. It's a casual way of saying hello. This fun phone print has a retro feel and is inspired by woodblock design style.

Tea Collection Soba Graphic Tee – $17.95

Soba is the Japanese word for “buckwheat,” which is used for making a type of thin noodle used frequently in traditional cuisine. Soba noodles are usually served chilled with dipping sauce or in hot soups.

Tea Collection Maneki Neko Graphic Tee – $26.50

Maneki neko means “lucky cat” in Japanese. These fanciful felines are often depicted holding up one paw, and their statues and figurines are said to bring good luck and good fortune wherever they are kept.

Tea Collection Usagi Graphic Tee – $18.95

Usagi is Japanese for “bunny.” In Japan, the small island of Okunoshima is home to hundreds of wild rabbits that roam the forests and paths and make friends with visitors.

Tea Collection Panda Graphic Tee – $18.95

Kawaii means “cute” in Japanese. It doesn't get much more kawaii than this perky panda print. Even though pandas are not native to Japan, they are very popular in pop culture.

Tea Collection Shika Twirl Top – $26.50

Shika is a Japanese girl's name that means “gentle deer.” This darling deer motif was designed as part of a collaboration with Sachiko and Junko, the artists (and sisters) from Mocchi Mocchi, who we met in Osaka.

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