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Le Creuset Enameled Steel Stock Pot with Lid

Le Creuset Enameled Steel 6 Quart Stock Pot Blue

When I bought my first home, I also purchased my first piece of Le Creuset cookware. It was a Le Creuset Stoneware Covered Oval Casserole dish in this amazing royal blue color. It quickly became my favorite piece of cookware and in fact it looks beautiful displayed in my kitchen.

My latest purchase was this fabulous steel stock pot from Le Creuset. My husband and I both love it!

The Le Cresuet Enameled Steel Stock Pot is a 6-quart or 8-quart stockpot (also comes in larger sizes) constructed of heavy-gauge carbon steel with a porcelain-enamel finish. Ideal for use in cooking pastas, stews, soups, sauces, chili, mashed potatoes, and more, the pot’s size and height allow for the convenient cooking of even the largest, lasagna-style pastas. The stock pot’s stainless steel construction is sturdy enough to contain large amounts of food, but still light enough to lift and pour from, and its large, sturdy handles ensure a clean, safe grip while cooking or pouring.

The stock pot features dual loop handles and a snug-fitting domed lid with a heat-resistant knob handle. The handles on both the pot and lid are made from heat-resistant plastic, eliminating the need for separate oven mitts or potholders and making for a safer cooking experience. The specially designed domed lid preserves the flavor of food and prevents evaporation during the cooking process.

The overall shape and design of the stock pot allow food to cook evenly by encouraging liquids to circulate throughout the interior, mixing well with all ingredients and ensuring that flavors are distributed evenly throughout the dish. The item's wide base allows for increased contact with the heating element, making efficient use of heat and decreasing total cook time.

Le Creuset Enamel-on-Steel 6-Quart Covered StockpotsThe Le Creuset Enameled Steel Stock Pot measures 9-3/4 by 11-1/2 inches, and weighs 7 pounds when empty. This is the 8-quart pot. Additional features include a built-in whistle that sounds when water in the pot has reached a rolling boil, as well as convenient fill lines that are marked on the pot for reference.

Ideal for preparing food for large numbers of people, the Le Creuset Enameled Steel Stock Pot works well for entertaining. It can also be used by smaller groups to prepare food in advance for freezing or storage.

The stock pot may be used on all heat sources, including gas, ceramic, halogen, electric, and induction. Due to the nature of the porcelain-enamel finish, the pot is hand wash only and should not be run through a dishwasher.

Available in several vibrant Le Creuset colors, the Enameled Steel Stock Pot is both useful and decorative, and makes a classic addition to any well-stocked kitchen.

The Le Creuset brand symbolizes quality and this cookware is something that can be handed down for generations.

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