Inexpensive Yet Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Amid The Pandemic
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Inexpensive Yet Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Amid The Pandemic

Inexpensive Yet Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Amid The PandemicInexpensive Yet Thoughtful Wedding Gift Ideas For Couples Amid The Pandemic

Have you recently been invited to a wedding, but have no idea what to give the married couple as a gift? You’re not alone. Wedding registries are a great guide, but it you wait too late or can’t afford the items on the list, you have to come up with something on your own. Obviously, you don’t want to go empty handed, but finding something they’ll appreciate seems easier said than done. 

Though it’s best to review the wedding registry or ask the couple what they might need, there’s another way to find the right gifts. When you consider the pandemic and the changes to everyday life, there are tons of practical ideas that couples can use to their advantage. Here are a few inexpensive yet thoughtful gifts that are perfect for sheltering in place as newlyweds. 

Slow Cookers

If there’s one thing a couple does a lot of during quarantine, it’s preparing meals. As footing the bill for takeout three times a day seven days a week is insane, they have to get those culinary skills up. Unfortunately, if they’re working several hours a day and taking care of other responsibilities, preparing delicious meals isn’t easy. Help the lovebirds out by purchasing a slow cooker or crockpot. These cooking appliances are affordable and practical for preparing homecooked meals without all the hassle. All they have to do is find the right recipe, throw a few ingredients in the pot, add a broth or liquid, set the timer, and breakfast, lunch, or dinner is served. 

Subscription Services

If you want to provide the couple with a gift that keeps on giving, why not purchase a subscription service for six months to a year? Your loved ones can have everything from wines and whiskies to wellness products and self-care packages shipped to their door. What a treat it will be to receive something in the mail once a month that they can share with each other or use in their alone time. Either way, it allows them to feel good during times when everything else is so uncertain. 

Puzzles and Board Games

Part of maintaining a healthy marriage, particularly during the pandemic means unplugging from technology and connecting with each other. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many places you can go without putting yourself at risk. Be that as it may, there are plenty of things couples can do at home. Take, playing board games or doing puzzles, for example. While it might sound like a strange item to give a married couple, they can spend hours away from the screen as they indulge in relaxing yet fun activities. Time together, as you know, is a gift they’ll cherish forever. Puzzles and board games allow them to exercise their minds, tap into their imaginations, and have a little friendly competition.

Gift Cards

While some people believe that gift cards as wedding gifts are impersonal, others find them to be very practical ideas. Couples can use these cards to purchase whatever they’d like from their favorite stores. In the middle of a pandemic, chances are engaged couples could use every cent they can get towards necessities and luxuries. You could purchase them a gift card to a local grocery store or grocery delivery service to ensure they have a full fridge and pantry. There’s also the option to buy gift certificates to participate in activities from ordering takeout from their favorite restaurants to taking cooking or art classes. 

Everyday life has changed drastically amid the pandemic. Couples have had to postpone, cancel, and alter their wedding plans to safeguard the health and safety of others. As a way of showing your support, why not shower them with love by giving them gifts that can be useful during the pandemic and beyond. The above ideas are sure to make life easier and more enjoyable as they navigate the first few months in wedded bliss in the middle of uncertain times. 

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