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How to Slay That Boxing Workout Outfit

How to Slay That Boxing Workout OutfitHow to Slay That Boxing Workout Outfit

Boxing is a beautiful sport, but it’s also pretty versatile and easy to get started with. Be it for professional training, effective workout, or recreational hobby, boxing has a lot to offer.

Getting the right set of accessories and boxing gear is crucial in your journey towards excellence in the sport. Equally important is to pick an appropriate boxing outfit. Whether you’re a boxing pro or a beginner who’s just stepped into the ring, dressing right will help you pack your punches with comfort, charisma, confidence, and conviction.

Here are some outfit tips that will help you to rock in the ring. 

Tees and Tops 

Boxing is an all-gender sport where intensity defines excellence. For men, a set of loose-fit, good-quality cotton T-shirts is essential. The T-shirt should be stretchable to accommodate your body movements and punches. Also, bear in mind that you will be burning a lot of calories once in the ring, so the fabric must absorb sweat and dry quickly. 

As a female boxing enthusiast, you should go with a high-impact sports bra. A slightly tighter bra will ensure you can stretch comfortably and execute the quick upper-body movements with precision and ease. These days, sports bras come with removable pads to ensure ultra-comfort as you practise your moves to perfection. 

Shorts and Leggings 

Boxing sessions are not just about punches and power. You need to warm up well and move strategically in the ring, so a ton of leg work is involved as well. Some good pairs of shorts or leggings are a must in your boxing toolkit for this reason. 

Perfect fit compression shorts are a man's best bet to wear in a ring. Women can opt for either training shorts or leggings, depending on ease and comfort. 

Boxing workouts are high in intensity. Therefore, ensure that your lowers have efficient breathability and absorb moisture quickly. This will, again, help to keep you dry in the ring. 

Boxing Boots 

Investing in good-quality shoes is a smart move if you are serious about your boxing workout sessions. The sport is as much about intelligent movements as about strength and stamina. Good pair of shoes and compression socks will improve your training in the ring and help to sharpen your skills. They will also help reduce chances of getting blisters, injuries, or developing conditions like athletes' feet. Your boxing boots should be flat sole, lightweight, and breathable. 

Boxing Gloves 

Gloves for a boxer are like a sword for a fighter. They will be your most crucial weapon in the ring. Get a pair of boxing gloves that are high on comfort, great on design, and long-lasting. Quality gloves, like the ones from punch equipment Australia, have high shock-absorbing capacity. They also fit perfectly to endure intense practise sessions and fierce fights. Because gloves are practically the workhorses of this sport, it’s advisable not to skimp on this particular gear and get your hands on the best that you can afford. 

Now You Know How to Slay That Boxing Workout Outfit

Apart from these essential accessories, you will need other boxing gear like hand-wraps, mouth-guard, headgears, etc., once you move up in your training level.  We hope you’ll find these tips helpful while putting together the outfits and accessories for your next boxing session. Good luck and happy boxing!

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