How to be Productive Working Remotely

How to be Productive Working Remotely

How to be Productive Working Remotely

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a remote worker, or part of a new hybrid team, it’s essential to use your creativity to improve your bottom line. In many ways, the last year of working virtually has inspired more organizations to increase their skills and build stronger remote teams. If you’re looking at working remotely or even developing a creative hobby, now is the best time to upgrade your skills, structures, and services. Here are tips on How to be Productive Working Remotely.
How to be Productive Working Remotely

How to be Productive Working Remotely

Embrace Hybrid Working 

More organizations are migrating to hybrid working. This simply means some workdays will be from a home office, and some will be from a business location. Of course, this isn’t just true for you. It’s true for every member of your team. As you might imagine, this can be a logistical nightmare – especially if you haven’t addressed some of the core underlying issues. One of the biggest concerns about hybrid working, according to Harvard Business Review (HBR) experts, is a mismatch of power. People working at headquarters may have better technology, closer social connections, and are closer to decision-makers. This imbalance can make remote workers feel out of the loop.

On the flip side, people working from their home office may feel they have the upper hand. They don’t have a rugged commute. They aren’t involved with office politics. Plus, they can work in a creative home office. To maximize hybrid-working arrangements, experts advise some basic principles:

  • Encourage interaction and inclusion. Make sure that everyone is informed about meetings, launches, and client projects.
  • Encourage equality. Make sure that people have the best technology, office set-up, and equal access to information.
  • Encourage contact. Make sure that everyone has contact with each other and with decision-makers. Even if someone is working entirely remotely, encourage Zoom meetings, email exchanges, and phone calls to stay in touch.

How to Enhance Your Home Office This Year

Streamline Your Communications

There’s no question that when working remotely, you’ll need to upgrade your systems, workflow, and operations. You might think of the entire scope of how you will stay connected with your team, clients, and vendors under the single umbrella of communications lifecycle management. This umbrella term covers everything from procurement to payment. It’s how you can stay in close contact with every part of your operations. When you use a cloud-based platform, you’ll be able to eliminate errors at different stages – and achieve seamless service delivery. If you find yourself communicating with others in a different language, consider using Magma Translation for all of your human translation service needs. 

Design Your Creative Home Office

If the last year has taught us lessons, designing a personal space for creativity is at the top of the list. Certainly, there are some great essentials to make your home office space work like a charm. Explore the style, colors, and fabrics that inspire you. Make sure that your choices are uniquely an expression of your personal preferences and tastes.

While your best friend or teammate may have a sleek, modern setup, is it right for you? Perhaps your neighbor has an office that looks more like a fishing boat, but it makes him feel ready to innovate. Maybe your office will have a different slant – romantic, homey, high-tech, 70’s, minimalist – what is your style? There’s no right or wrong answer. You can design a creative home office, and only you are the one to say, “That’s it!”

Keep in mind that the options don’t have to be expensive or extravagant to be delightful. You might find a special desk, lamp, or side table at a consignment store or salvage shop. You could even unearth a piece from your garage – and give it a touch of paint to make it glow. In designing your home office, find ways to set up specific areas for serenity. Perhaps a soothing fountain, a plant, or a comfy lounge chair will help you find calm and peace. In working at home, it’s very helpful to have a place to go that helps you chill out. 

As you are in charge of decorating your home office, look at exterior design. If you have a window, put a growing plant on the ledge. If you have access to a rooftop garden, grow some fresh herbs or flowers. You’ll have a natural escape to refresh and recharge your creativity. We hope that this How to be Productive Working Remotely post inspires you. Happy organizing. 

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