Growing Up McGhee - Join My Live Tweet 6/15 9pm EST
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Growing Up McGhee on @UPtv – Join My Live Tweet 6/15 9pm EST

Growing Up McGhee - Join My Live Tweet 6/15 9pm EST

When it was time for us to have children, it took us a little while for me to actually get pregnant. We actually tried for a couple of years before talking to my doctor. What I never imagined was having 6 babies at one time. I have so much respect for the McGhee's!

Growing Up McGhee - Join My Live Tweet 6/15 9pm ESTAbout Growing Up McGhee

In the new series “Growing Up McGhee,” Ro and Mia McGhee and their adorable sextuplets, now five years old, return to television as they try their best to balance a hectic life and all that comes with it, including their six different kindergarten classes and all of the demands of their bustling family carpet cleaning business.

Life was busy enough taking care of six little babies, but now that their brood can walk, talk and share lots of laughs and mischief, Ro and Mia face brand new challenges and unexpected surprises that are throwing them for a loop. Diaper changes and feeding schedules have been replaced by sassy opinions, homework times six and chore charts. Not only do the kids continue to grow and learn, but the parents do too! With these six, they never know what is going to happen and never before have they felt more outnumbered.

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Join me as I LIVE Tweet the 6/15 show

This Wednesday, the second episode of Growing up McGhee will premier at 9pm EST on UP tv and I will be live Tweeting right along as I watch the show. Also, one lucky partygoer will a $25 VISA gift card. Winner be chosen at random from those Tweeting with the #GrowingUpMcGhee hashtag.

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Get to know the McGhee’s now so you’re all set to enjoy the show with me this Wednesday night.


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  1. Oh they joys of parenthood. I am so glad I am over this phase of raising kids. Mine are all grown up now. I’d love to watch this show because I can truly relate to the mayhem! LOL.

  2. I have always been fascinated with large families, we have 4 so I understand busy but I couldn’t imagine them as infants all at the same time!! I am going to have to see if we can find it on kodi so I can watch.

  3. I couldn’t imagine having that many kids. This would be interesting to watch! I have only one and some days feel overwhelmed I bet this show has lots of entertainment value.

  4. That looks like it’s going to be a fun one! I can’t even imagine having that many kids, but I’m sure it makes for great TV!

  5. This looks like a cute show! I can’t imagine have 6 kids all the same age! I have 3 under 11 years old and that’s enough!

  6. I haven’t heard of the show, but I would love to watch it. I can totally relate to this as I came from a big and noisy family.

  7. Oh wow!! I remember seeing their pic hen the kids were just babies!! how cool that they are going to have a show now!!

  8. I cannot imagine having 6 babies at once! My sassy two are all I can handle.

  9. Kathy

    I’d love to watch this show soon! I’ve heard a lot of great things about it too. I couldn’t imagine having that many kids, but I do love my girls! I have two daughters and for me I think that’s plenty haha.

  10. I saw their picture floating around on Facebook. I didn’t really know they had a TV show! Now I have to watch this.

  11. Ann Bacciaglia

    I am excited to check out this show. I remember this family being in the news when the babies were born. I will try to join the live tweet.

  12. What an adorable family! I think I remember hearing about them. I can’t wait to see what it’s all about!

  13. I will have to check out this tv show. I don’t normally watch a ton of television.

  14. Jen

    This is awesome! I was wondering awhile ago how this family was doing. I love these kind of shows, I always pick up tips on how to manage my household. Parents of multiples always figure out awesome ways to deal with family life.

  15. CourtneyLynne

    Ooooo this show looks like it’s going to be a goodie!!!! I will definitely be tuning in!

  16. Michelle Walker

    I just love the show Growing up McGhee❤?I have been a fan since the beginning and Mia and some of her family follow me and my tweets were featured on own TV I’m Flawsey aka RichinSpirit thanks for bringing a great family show back..I feel like family

  17. I could not imagine having 6 babies at once either! What a beautiful family they are. I will have to check out this show

  18. I remember when their family photo went viral back when the babies were little. I love the recreation of the photo they did! They are too cute for words. I definitely have to check out this show!

  19. Cute photos but I’m kind of over the whole mom of a thousand kids era, lol.

  20. I remember when I first saw this picture! Lovely family. That’s so cool that they have a tv show now! I’m going to go check it out because I’m curious how they are handling 7 kids!

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