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Dollar Tree DIY: Creepy Crawly Halloween Corsage

Dollar Tree DIY Creepy Crawly Corsage

With the Halloween season quickly approaching, you may find yourself invited to Halloween parties or celebration where a little spooky swag will be needed. Sure you could head to the store for some fun Halloween accessories, but why not save your cash and make your own instead? You don’t need to spend a great deal of time or cash to do so, in fact a simple trip to the dollar store is all you need. Take a look below at how to make your own creepy crawly corsage perfect for sporting to all of your Halloween festivities!


Supplies Needed:

Black rose bundle

Plastic spider

Black ribbon


Hot glue, glue gun

As mentioned, you can find all of the above supplies at your local Dollar Tree store. At our store, we were able to find black rose bouquets with a spider already in them. If yours has this arrangement, great! If not, most also sell black spiders separately perfect for this craft.


1. To begin, snip a rose head off of the bouquet. Open up the flower to create a flat surface that will cover the wrist nicely.

2. Use your glue to attach a spider to the inside of the bloom as we did in our sample picture. Press it firmly into place to be sure it adheres well.

3. Now, take your scissors and trim as much of the stem off the flower back as possible. You are going to attach your ribbon and want it as flush to the bloom as can be.

4. Add a generous dab of glue to the back of the flower and press it to a length of ribbon. Press it firmly as you did above to be sure it sticks well.

5. You can now tie the ribbon directly around the wrist. Place it so the bloom is resting on the top of your wrist and the ribbon is tied underneath your wrist. As you can see, for our sample project we used a nice curling ribbon which added lots of wispiness to the corsage. Choose a ribbon that you like and adds to your style!

You can finish your corsage off with any additional embellishments you wish! This can include fine craft glitter, an additional spider, or even various colors of ribbon. Be creative and above all have fun with this piece.

See how easy and inexpensive it is to create this creepy crawly corsage? Head to your local Dollar Tree and gather the materials you need to make your own!

Dollar Tree DIY Creepy Crawly Corsage 2

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  1. judy gardner

    cute and creepy at the same time! i love the dollar store! i buy most of my holiday decorations and Christmas and birthday gift bags there.

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