25 Disney Gifts for Women
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25 Disney Gifts for Women

25 Disney Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything


Ok so I fully admit it, I have a serious Disney obsession. I love the Mouse. I love princesses. I really freaking love everything Disney. I always have for as long as I can remember.

I mean Disneyworld opened in the year of my birth (You might note that this the only reference to my age on my entire blog). If that is not fate bringing us together, then I don't know what is.

I am writing this post on the eve before we leave for a Disney Cruise. I haven't even packed (I have a list and the entire thing will take me 30 minutes for all five of us to be fully packed from start to finish including snacks and DVD's for the car. I will share my secrets someday in another post) but I have thought about it.

I have thought more about finishing this post.

So back to my love of Disney. The only thing that I don't like is how touristy and ever present some of the Disney clothing and accessories seem to me. I like them but I want something else, something that I feel goes a little better with my personal side and my love of luxury (it is divine, after all).

I have curated a collection of what I feel to be some things that you might not see everywhere. Things that might be slightly touristy but instead they are on a piece of jewelry and handbag so suddenly they are ok. I curated this collection for my readers and any Disney lover who happens upon this post looking for more than the classic t-shirt or bumper sticker.

Let me know what you think or if you have anything to add, put it in the comments. If I get enough good comments (meaning would I buy it?) then I will create and add additional collage(s) and links.

1. Disney Couture Pink, Yellow and Silver Colored with Charms Interlocking Bangle Bracelets – slightly watered down yet still perfectly acceptable substitution for that Cartier ring I have been scouring pawn shops and estate sales for. I'd wear it.

2. Disney Couture Tinkerbell Believe Necklace – Not sure that I would wear this but I added it because I might every once in a while wear it with some other silver chains in varying lengths. Of course, I could just borrow it from one of my daughters because I am certain that they will both be getting one of these for Christmas. They are going to love it. And possibly pair it with the silver tiara necklaces they wear now that they refuse to take off. Sooo cute together.

3. Cinderella's Pumpkin Carriage Charm  ~ Sterling Silver – Any time you can get a piece of the story of the magic of Cinderella, then do it. Great story.

4. Authentic Chamilia Charm Disney Collection “Mickey Mouse”

5. Sephora Disney Collection ~ Ariel Compact Mirror – I would carry this on my purse for every day use. It is beautiful.

6. Authentic Chamilia Disney Charm “Mickey Mouse Head” – Yeah so I didn't exactly mean I would never want anything classic. This is about as classic as you can get but it is on jewelry. This mouse head was the first thing I really bought for myself on a trip where I had a not so great experience and it was the perfect pick me up for the moment. Retail therapy always is.

7. Authentic Chamilia Charm Disney Collection “A Dream Is a Wish” 2020-0693

8. Authentic Chamilia Disney Minnie's Red Bow Charm Bead 

9. Disney Couture Snow White Black Flower Lace Ring – I love this ring. It goes with anything.

10. Disney Couture Soda Can Stud Earrings – Upcycled earrings.

11. OPI Mini Disney Couture De Minnie – Who doesn't want Minnie Mouse nails?

12. Authentic Chamilia Disney Charm “Ariel's Shell”

13. Disney Couture Moveable Wooden Mickey Necklace – This necklace is made of wood. How cool is that?

14. .925 Sterling Silver ” Disney Land Castle ” Bead Compatible with Pandora Chamilia Kay Troll Bracelet

15. Disney Couture Crystal Pendant Necklace – This is some serious mouse ears bling.

16. Disney Dooney & Bourke Sketch Large Handbag – I have this bag and love it.

17. Sephora Disney Collection ~ Ariel Storybook Palette ~ Volume 3 – Ariel makeup that I can share with my daughter.

18. Harveys Seatbelt Disney Couture Love You To Pieces – I have discovered more than Disney's Dooneys. YEAH! These bags are a little edgier and perhaps a bit more fun. Although I love my Disney Dooney, I would definitely add this bag to my collection.

19. Disney Couture Cinderella Key Necklace – I love this necklace and would wear it daily.

20. Disney Couture XOXO Tinkerbell Leaf Braided Bracelet – Cute for daily wear.

21. VillaWare Mickey Wafflemaker – Mickey Waffles in bed, anyone?

22. Christian Louboutin Cinderella Glass Slippers – Three words for you: LOU-BOU-TIN. Ok those are just syllables but DAMN aren't these shoes hot? I mean Disney…Cinderella no less and Christian Louboutin? It's like my own fairy godmother plucked this thought from my head. LOVE. <3

23. Disney Couture Tinkerbell Wish Catcher Earrings – These earrings are cool.

24. Disney Dooney & Bourke Colored Sketch Wristlet Purse

25. Disney Flatware – I would totally use these.

A couple of add-on's that I discovered after spending 3+ hours writing this post:

Disney The Little Mermaid Kiss Girls T-Shirt – CUTE!


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