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Costume Party Themes

Costume Party Themes

Halloween is not the only time you can throw a costume party. Adults love the idea of dressing up as someone other than themselves and would appreciate an invitation any time of year. It’s a chance to step outside their comfort zone, show off their creativity, and of course, mix and mingle with friends, relatives, and colleagues. If a costume party sounds like something you’d like to host, the right theme is all you need to bring everything together. Although you could allow guests to wear whatever they’d like, an extra fun element comes with setting a theme and tone for the event. Let’s take a look at some excellent ideas that your guests are sure to enjoy. We hope that this Costume Party Themes post inspires you. 

Costume Party Themes

Costume Party Themes


What theme says adults-only like a Playboy-inspired costume party? The men can have fun dressing up as their version of Hue Heffner with a luxury robe, slippers, sailor hat, and a pipe. They can also go outside the box and come up with their version of a playboy to portray for the event. Ladies can wear lingerie, bunny ears, tails, and pumps for the evening or opt for a more sophisticated approach with a flirty dress and heels. 

Playboy parties are all about the glitz, glam, entertainment, and booze. So, you’ll want to ensure you have plenty of this on hand. This is easier than ever because there are now ready-to-drink cocktails like premade mojitos, bottled bourbon sours, premixed margaritas, and more. As for entertainment, a live performance from a local band or a DJ will take the cake. 

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Celebrity Look-Alikes

Do you have friends that favor a specific celebrity? Perhaps you just love all things Hollywood. Whatever the case is, a celebrity costume party is sure to pique the interest of your guests. Who wouldn’t want to be someone famous for a day? From actors and comedians to singers and politicians, there’s no shortage of ideas for everyone to consider. You’ll want to pull out all the stops for your celebrity look-alike costume party. Place a red carpet outside your house and have your guests enter one by one as they get their pictures taken. In the living room or entryway to your home, put up a Hollywood backdrop for everyone to take a picture with the host. 

You can create a stage and set up a karaoke station so your guests can put on their best impressions of their celebrities for everyone to enjoy. If you can get a few volunteers, you can have a judge’s panel and hand out a trophy to the best entertainer of the evening.

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Masquerade Party

If you’re looking for a timeless yet elegant costume party idea, you can’t go wrong with a masquerade. There’s something about getting dressed up in your best attire and designing an elegant mask that adults seem to love. Let your guests know it’s a black-tie event, so they know to select their best dresses, gowns, suits, and tuxedos. 

Sticking with the chic and classy vibe, you’ll want to hire wait staff and bartenders for the event. You’ll want to have hors d'oeuvres and cocktails floating around until it’s time to eat. As for your dinner menu, go all the way with a full-course meal. Start with bread, salad, and appetizers. For the main event, you’ll need a chicken, beef, fish, and vegan/vegetarian option for your guests. Finally, wrap up the meal with a nice dessert. Don’t forget to hand out prizes to the person or couple with the best masks for the evening. 

There’s a reason adults still buy costumes for Halloween. They love the idea of letting their imaginations run wild as they tap into their inner child. That’s why costume parties tend to be popular events. If you’re thinking of hosting a costume party but aren’t sure what theme to go with, these three timeless yet fun ideas are sure to be popular with your guests. We hope that this Costume Party Themes post inspires you. Happy planning!

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