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Celebrate the Holidays in Style with Minted

Minted Merry Christmas Holiday Photo CardGeneric SPI am somewhat of a snob when it comes to my Christmas cards. I spend hours looking for the perfect card after having just spent hours finding or taking the perfect photo of our family. I love creating personalized cards every year to send out to family and friends. I enjoy putting a message on them about our family and sending them out as much as I enjoy receiving them.

I have a bulletin board in our kitchen nook that holds all of the cards sent to us last year. We will take them down when we start getting new holiday cards this year. My entire family loves seeing these photo cards throughout the year and it is a fun reminder of all those who we keep in touch with.  I truly do want to create something that people will want to keep long past the holidays.

This year we are using Minted for our holiday cards.


Minted is the world's premier marketplace for independent design. Our mission is to find exceptional artists and designers all over the world and bring their work to consumers who appreciate great design. They believe that great design lives and thrives in the hands of indie designers that people may not have access to through traditional retailers. Their goal is to use technology to allow our community to discover the work of great designers from all over the world. And at the same time, create a place where designers can get exposure and build their careers.

Minted crowd-sources design and art from a global community of independent designers, then sells their best designs as fine products such as stationery, wall art, and décor for the home, holidays, and occasions. Minted was an early pioneer of crowdsourcing product design and has held open art and graphic design challenges monthly since 2008. All designers and artists are welcome to enter our open challenges. Designers collaborate on our community platform and provide peer critiques that improve both designers and designs over time. Consumers and designers curate Minted's product assortment by voting on the entries to each challenge, ensuring that the best designers and designs are surfaced and represented on Minted. Minted produces and sells the winning designs, paying the designer a commission on every sale.

Minted Christmas Photo Cards


Now I am torn between two Christmas cards. I love the Be Light Christmas Photo Cards:

Minted Picture Christmas Card

The card would be perfect for an entire family photo or just something with the kids and our dog.

However, I occasionally feel the need to represent our family's southern roots in which case these Southern Accent Christmas Photo Cards are perfect as well: Minted Holiday Photo Cards

My problem is that I like so many of the cards and I am already having a hard time choosing which design I like best!

I was at a recent conference where Minted printed the programs and Big Ideas notebooks so that we could write in them. To this day, that notebook stays in purse and people are constantly asking where I got it. The paper is amazing and the printing quality even better.

Minted Holiday CardsAt Minted, they love the idea that their products will find their way into your most personal celebrations, and they don't take that honor lightly. That's why they only use fine paper stock, rich inks, and crisp printing methods. They stand behind our products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Minted Holiday Cards


This is a feature that I am thrilled about. I am a details person so the last thing that I want to is forget my envelopes.  Now they have matching envelope designs which just look fabulous plus they offer a ton of choices:

Minted Christmas Cards Labels
How do you personalize your holidays?

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  1. I ordered my Christmas cards from Minted last year and I was very happy with the quality of the cards I received.

  2. Pauline C.

    I ordered some photo cards from Minted, and they came out great.

  3. The past two years it has taken me so long to make a decision on my cards that I didn’t get them done on time. I have already started going through pictures to see if there are any that may be contenders this year.

  4. I am hoping to get Christmas cards made this year. Minted sounds like the perfect place to do that.

  5. Jenna Wood

    I was just telling the other half that is is about time to begin pulling photos and planning our holiday cards. We have used Minted before for labels and announcements, the quality is great.

  6. I love minted. They’re a great company for really beautiful personalized cards.

  7. I have family and friends who look forward to receiving cards every year with a photo of the kids. Minted does a beautiful job with ther holiday cards and I love the styles they offer.

  8. Minted looks great! I’m really digging the Ho Ho Ho Y’all card. That’s so cute.

  9. I’ve never tried Minted before, but their cards look great! I’ll have to check them out. I’m thinking cards with the puppies.

  10. I’ve never used Minted before, but i have heard great reviews about the quality. Maybe I can find the time this year to create some cards and use it finally.

  11. Minted is such a nice break for the everyday, super goofy or super sappy Christmas cards you get from the store. I love it!

  12. How cute are these??? I’ve heard of minted, but have never used them! I think I’m going to look into it for the Holidays!

  13. I absolutely love Minted, they have such amazing things. 🙂

  14. Angela S

    I love the idea of having personalized cards. It is a tough choice I like both cards you have selected.

  15. What a cute company! I love how high quality their cards are. I’ve seen some other things like this, and they were just cheesy.

  16. These are really nice. I am going to look into this further for my Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Daisy

    I need to get Christmas cards. Looks like they have some awesome options!

  18. Lisa Bristol

    I love to scrapbook. So having good photos is important. I would love this site so many options i could spend hours working. I would love to do some Christmas cards this year.

  19. What a cute photo, I need to start thinking about my family’s card this year.

  20. I love customizing greeting cards for the holidays. It typically takes me some time to go through photos but they’re so much nicer and more personal.

  21. I am ordering my cards from Minted this year! I already have my design picked I am jsut waiting on our family photos which are Nov. 9th!!!

  22. Mickey

    I love all of those! I can’t believe it’s already time to start working on Christmas cards! I need to get my stuff in gear…

  23. Shauna

    We used Minted for our holiday cards last year and they came out amazing. I loved how easy they were to put together

  24. Every year I hear about how wonderful Minted is! I really need to stop procrastinating and get some holiday cards from them finally!

  25. We send out Christmas cards every year, so I might have to look into Minted. Also, you have such a beautiful family!

  26. GORGEOUS! I better start thinking about what I’m going to do this year for cards!

  27. Those pictures are beautiful! What great cards. I’ll have to check out minted.

  28. I don’t think I’ve ever sent holiday cards with photos on them. But I’m weird like that. I still think it’s awesome when I get them from other people. I love seeing how people change through the years and how kids grow up.

  29. Minted cards look amazing. They seem like they’re very high quality, and they have such a variety of styles to choose from.

  30. We just ordered our cards from Minted a few days ago and I just got the email this afternoon that they have been shipped. Love their cards!

  31. I’m hoping to get our cards out by the weekend after Thanksgiving. These look really nice.

  32. I’m not even sure about my Christmas picture this year. I need to take some at a studio.

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