Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Becoming a Mother is an exhausting yet selfless and rewarding moment in a woman’s life. Hitting that milestone calls for a celebration, whether it’s for the Mom directly or for their newborn baby. A first-time Mom should receive gifts that pamper her and tell her that she’s special, while little ones will need clothing, toys, diapers, and other necessities. The best gifts include both! We hope that this Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital post inspires you. 

Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital

Skin-to-Skin Sleeve Top: For Moms and Newborn

Skin-to-skin contact with our children is soothing, but it also stimulates oxytocin, regulates the baby’s body temperature, and boosts milk supply. A skin-to-skin sleeve top can provide those benefits without exposing the Mom while providing support that secures the baby in the optimal position. You can enjoy seated hand-free snuggles with this stylish top from Seraphine.


Newborn Baby Flower Bouquet: For Mom

Everyone loves flowers, so why not give a bouquet of new baby flowers to Mom? Hypoallergenic flowers like carnations, daffodils, and orchids are perfect gifts for a newborn's sensitive nose and can prevent an allergic reaction. Plus, with all the stack of diapers, baby bottles, and burp cloths lying about the home, her home could use some refreshing blooms.


Play Gym: For Newborn

Play gyms are incredibly fun for babies and children, but they also provide a learning benefit for newborns. Play gyms promote motor and brain skill development and allow newborns to lift their heads by themselves. An adjustable playset that grows with your baby, like the Lovevery Stage-Development model, can ensure this gift lasts for years before converting to a play fort.

Baby Einstein

Year Worth of Diapers: For Mom and Newborn

Diapers are one of the biggest expenses a Mom will have to make during their first year of development. In the first 12 months, the average child uses 2,700 diapers, which can add up to $550 per year. Cloth diapers are similarly priced at $500 per year. You will help out a new mother significantly by purchasing even a single box of diapers or a bottle of rash cream.

Sheet Set

New Pillow and Sheet Set: For Mom

After going through multiple sleepless nights from being pregnant, a new Mom has many more nights ahead with a restless or crying baby. To make her nights filled with adequate rest, buy a high-quality sateen sheet set that comes with 1 fitted sheet and 2 pillowcases. Made of 100% cotton, Mom will feel like she’s sleeping on a plushy cloud.

Fisher Price

Set of New Learning Toys: For Newborn

Newborns need books and toys to stay engaged with their new environment, but it can be challenging to decide which of these will hold a baby's attention. Fisher Price created a baby playset just for children aged o months+ that focuses on developing fine motor skills. The Crinkle Camera Mirror, Puppy Pal Crackers, and Corn Popper Rattle will all entertain the child for hours to come.

Stroller Organizer

Stroller Organizer: For Mom and Newborn

If you’re just going for a walk around the neighborhood, there’s no need to grab the entire baby backpack full of diapers, stuffed animals, and bottles. A great stroller organizer meets Mom and newborn halfway by providing enough open space and pockets for a wallet, toy, and a drink for both family members. The organizer attaches to most stroller handles with velcro. 

Gift set

Mommy and Daddy Parent Set: For Mom, Dad, and Newborn

Let’s not forget about the other half of the baby equation: Dad! With this Mommy and Daddy Parent Set from Etsy, the whole family will receive useful gifts. Mom and Dad each get mugs that say “Mommy/Daddy EST. (Year),” and their newborn is gifted with a white onesie in the newborn's size. Each gift box comes with Congrats wording on the inside and crinkle paper.

We hope that this Best Gifts for a New Mom in the Hospital inspires your next shopping trip. Good luck!

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