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Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook Review

Barnes Noble NOOK Color eBook Review Barnes & Noble NOOK Color eBook ReviewDubbed as “The Reader’s Tablet”, Barnes & Noble NOOKColor is a full color touchscreen reading device that can hold as much as up to two million reading materials. With NOOKColor, you can read books, newspapers, and virtually every reading material that has been formatted to fit e-readers. Users can also load applications, play games, and listen to music using the NOOKColor. Social networking features are also easily accessible with this device.

In terms of mobile connectivity, NOOKColor keeps you up to date via Adobe Flash Player modules for email features and web surfing. There’s a lot of interactive features on NOOKColor and to this day, more and more features are getting added. There are several versions out now and NOOKColor owners are given the option to upgrade.

The NOOKColor touchscreen quality is called VividView and it displays more than 16 million colors. Of course, this feature shares the same disadvantage with other touchscreen tablets. When you’re under the sun, you’re gonna have to find a shade in order to see what is on your screen.

Apart from the interactive books, which is quite a hit among kids and young adult readers, the NOOKColor’s “NOOKfriends” features takes the reading tablet at par with the widely popular Kindle. With NOOKfriends, users can create recommendations and swap e-books with fellow NOOK users through a program called LendMe. Working almost like Facebook, a NOOK user’s activity on book reviews and ratings is displayed to his or her NOOKfriends. Of course, all these features are only made possible by the built-in Wi-Fi. This same Wi-Fi connectivity keeps NOOKColor users updated with whatever is going on with the world wide web. Internet browsing is a basic feature that every NOOKColor user can enjoy.

The NOOKColor can also be personalized. You can take a picture of yourself or perhaps any favorite photograph and use it as wallpaper for the NOOKColor. The reading tablet from Barnes & Noble is also up for some accessorizing: from tablet colors to headphones to car adapters and screen protectors, the book store sells it all.


Want free ebooks? Check out the Barnes & Noble The Nook Blog every Friday for a free download. Even better…read the comments where one very generous person lists free books available in a variety of genres. I have found some fabulous authors and titles this way.

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