A Guide for Making the Most Out of Your Footless Tights
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A Guide for Making the Most Out of Your Footless Tights

A Guide for Making the Most Out of Your Footless Tights

Of the many types of apparel in a woman’s wardrobe, footless tights are some of the most versatile pieces of clothing. They can be paired with almost any kind of ensemble imaginable, making them appropriate for a variety of occasions. 

As the name implies, footless tights don’t cover up the ankles and feet. They usually look best under a skirt and when worn with closed shoes like boots or pumps. That said, you can freely step out of the house in a pair of leggings, but not so with footless tights. Because they’re somewhere between hosiery and leggings in terms of thickness and opacity, they take a little bit of fashion know-how to pull off. For the uninitiated, here are some useful tips on how to make the most out of your footless tights:

How to Style Footless Tights

Footless tights come in a variety of colors, designs, and patterns. For starters, invest in a pair in neutral colors such as black or navy. These are your best bet to pair with any kind of daily ensemble, whether it be for going out for fun or heading to the office. Footless tights are especially chic during fall or winter, when you can pair them with a short skirt, a nice coat, and a pair of boots. A basic rule of thumb is to keep your color palette monochromatic. This means wearing a black pair of footless tights with a black or gray ensemble, for instance.

During warmer months, you can still experiment with footless tights. It’s best to go with a lower denier or thread count to keep your body cool and fresh despite the humid weather. You can also go with a nude color or sheer footless tights during the summer months. Sheer tights are great when paired with more traditional corporate outfits such as a shift dress with a tailored blazer over it, along with ankle boots. Alternatively, you can go crazy with a pair of fantasy tights with bright colors and patterns, as long as you match it with an equally fun and casual outfit such as a denim mini-skirt, perhaps, and combat boots.

Dos and Don’ts of Wearing Footless Tights

While wearing footless tights is generally effortless and fun, there are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid looking like a fashion disaster. First of all, don’t step out in public wearing footless tights as a replacement for your pants. This is because tights are usually too sheer to wear on their own and might look inappropriate in certain places or situations.

Fortunately, you can wear footless tights with strappy stilettos or shoes that expose your feet. This is also the perfect opportunity to show off your pedicure.

Lastly, never wear footless tights that are damaged by runs, nicks, or tears. They are simply crass and speak of poor personal grooming and hygiene. Always check your tights for damage before heading out the door. If you find any holes or runs on your tights, there’s no reason for you not to change into a fresh, clean pair. Don’t forget to pack some nail polish in your purse or bag in case your tights snag on something while you’re going about your day. If your tights tear, you can remedy the situation by placing a drop or two of clear nail polish on the hole to prevent the run from getting any bigger.

How to Care For Footless Tights

To make the most out of your footless tights, you need to take good care of them. Since they are quite delicate, never just throw them into the washing machine along with other articles of clothing. Instead, place them in a suitable laundry bag made of netting that is specifically designed to protect them from snagging onto other items.

At the end of the day, it’s best if you can hand wash your footless tights. Simply fill up a basin or sink with lukewarm water and gently launder them with detergent specially formulated for delicate clothing. Make sure to rinse them properly and to shake off or squeeze any excess water. Never wring your footless tights as they might lose their shape and stretch. It’s also good to hang dry them in your bathroom or under sunlight. When storing your footless tights, roll them up neatly and use small boxes to properly segregate them in your closet.

How to Buy Footless Tights

As with other articles of clothing, you pretty much get what you pay for. Thus, when purchasing footless tights, you’ll want to invest in good-quality brands. Don’t just settle for cheap footless tights. They’re more likely to get worn out easily, which means you’ll have to replace them sooner and more often. In the long run, this is more costly. By contrast, investing in footless tights made of durable materials will give you many years of good use and wear.

The great thing is that footless tights are relatively easy to purchase online and in brick-and-mortar stores. There are also many specialty shops that sell footless tights along with leggings, hosiery, and other types of tights. That said, always be mindful of your budget so you don’t go overboard and burn a hole in your pocket. Build your collection of footless tights strategically, starting with the classic and basic pairs that you need first. Once you’ve gotten the hang of matching footless tights to your outfits, you can start adding pairs in other colors, designs, and patterns to expand your wardrobe choices.

Footless tights are a great piece of clothing that any fashionista can invest in. For starters, they’re relatively affordable, if you know where to look. Best of all, they’re easy to mix and match with other pieces of appeal, and you can pull off some amazing ensembles once you’ve mastered how to wear them. If you haven’t incorporated footless tights into your outfits yet, there’s no better time to start than now!

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