5 ways to redecorate a small apartment on a budget
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5 ways to redecorate a small apartment on a budget

5 ways to redecorate a small apartment on a budget5 ways to redecorate a small apartment on a budget

Small places can be great but they do come with their downsides. A small apartment is almost a rite of passage for everyone at some point in their life, I remember my first apartment – it couldn’t have been bigger than a large closet and it’s where my love for minimalism began. Having a small design space doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish, it also doesn’t mean you must break the bank trying to have an on-trend home. Follow these 5 ways below to love the space you’re in, no matter how small it is.

Dual-Purpose Furniture

This is something I wish I didn’t have to learn the hard way. Multipurpose furniture is truly amazing and with the endless options available online and in stores, you’ll find your favourites in under a week. Sofas that convert into beds or beds with built-in storage drawers are 2 of the best ways to save space by simply buying the right furniture, to begin with. Additionally, using a couch cover can not only protect your sofa from wear and tear but also give it a new look without having to buy a new one.

Use Your Walls

Instead of buying a large accent table or a big planter that will take up half of your living space, learn to look to your walls as a blank design canvas. Your walls are otherwise unused space but don’t take that as a sign to fill them all. Choose a few pieces, like a statement mirror or aesthetic stickers in your favourite styles, and use those to keep your small space looking great.

Use Natural Light

A small space can seem extra small if it’s always dark, so open your curtains and let the natural light pour in. If you can, give your chosen room a new coat of paint in a lighter, neutral color and use that as a base tone for the color scheme of the rest of the room. Lighter walls will make your room feel bigger and a small space can seriously benefit from that. Rich, darker colors are gorgeous but they tend to make spaces seem smaller and you need to avoid that happening to your space. You can always save the bolder colors for your accent pieces like wall décor groupings.

Get Curvy Furniture

Avoid the monotony of box-shaped life by buying a few pieces of curvy furniture. Most small apartments have a lot of straight lines and square-shaped areas so if your furniture is all about the straight lines and square shapes too it will drive you mad. If you can’t afford a new curvy sofa then start small by adding a curvy lamp instead, it might not sound like much now but it will make a huge difference later.

Add Texture in Layers

You might be tempted to go all out with experimenting with texture but try to avoid going overboard with this trend. Small spaces benefit the most from layering your textures, layering has an almost magical way of adding depth which a small apartment sometimes lacks. Keep in mind though that layering isn’t just piling design elements on top of each other, you need to add contrast to your space by choosing pieces that have varying patterns and textures.

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