4 Tips to Look Stylish on a First Date

4 Tips to Look Stylish on a First Date

4 Tips to Look Stylish on a First Date 

Getting ready for a can be both fun and stressful at the same time. It’s the first time you’re going to really meet and interact with a person you’re interested in, so you’ll naturally want to look and feel your best! If you’re in a fix and can’t figure out how you can look your best (without spending too much cash or effort) for your upcoming first date, look no further because we’re here to give you 4 of the most easy and important tips that will help you look like a dream on your big day – let’s get started right away!

1. Comfort and style – don’t compromise on either

Very often, women make the mistake of placing style above comfort and end up having a horrible first date because of this—they either wear shoes that they know are going to kill their feet, wear a dress they can barely breathe in, or wear too much makeup that they have to constantly head to the restroom to make sure their smile lines aren’t too obvious. Unfortunately, these small things can end up making your first date a bad experience, or at least not one you enjoyed very much as you constantly had to worry yourself with style and makeup related issues. 

To avoid this, we recommend that you place comfort and style on the same level and choose an outfit that you know you’re going to be the most comfortable in, even if you have to walk for a couple of blocks! The best way to look cute while still being comfortable is to wear a short skirt or a skater dress and pair it with block heels or sneakers. This way, you’re going to stay comfortable while still looking amazing! During the cold months, you may want to opt for cashmere fashion.

2. Jewelry – a girl’s best friend 

If you want to add a special touch to your outfit, all you have to do is wear a ring, minimalistic chain, and a cute bracelet! These 3 accessories can make you look elegant without having you invest too much time in your outfit. Not only will they elevate the look of any outfit, but will also make you feel your best self because not having jewelry on can sometimes make you look a little plain, especially if you’re heading out for a fancy dinner. Black diamond bands are one the most popular pieces of jewelry that women are loving at the moment, because they look good on any outfit, including jeans!

3. Control your hair with a great hairstyle

If you’ve got pin straight hair that barely needs any brushing, you can skip this section! But if you’re like most of the women out there who are prone to have a certain amount of frizz in their hair, we know the struggle you face each time you head out in anything other than a tight bun! But don’t worry, there are certain hairstyles that will help you keep your hair in check without allowing it to get out of control. 

For example, cute braids, high ponytails, messy buns, bow hair ties, and other such hairstyles will do a good job at holding your hair together, even on moderately windy days. Additionally, if you really want to have perfect hair for your date, you can get it straightened and styled at a salon, or get yourself a keratin or cysteine treatment to manage the frizz.

4. Bonus tips! 

Here are a handful of tips you’ll want to keep in mind to really make a lasting impression on your date!

  • Try to wear red — either in your outfit or as a lipstick as men love this shade and find it most attractive.
  • Wear block heels or boots if you don’t have to walk too much.
  • Wear your best fragrance!
  • Go easy on the makeup and try to look as natural as possible.

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