20 DIY Christmas Centerpieces Holiday Decorations
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20 DIY Christmas Centerpieces

20 DIY Christmas Centerpieces20 DIY Christmas Centerpieces

Christmas really is the most wonderful time of the year and it's one of my favorite times of year. I love the lights, the gift giving, the gift shopping, the meals, the parties and most of all, the decor. I love those bright beautiful icicle lights, the colorful greenery and decorations. I even love creating my own Christmas decor like wreathes, tablescapes and of course, centerpieces. To me, it's not really Christmas until our house is completely decorated, inside and out! We have got some perfect items here for you to make for your home and to give as gifts that you can even put your own creative spin on. Consider making items with fresh plants and flowers for a real Christmas smell or use artificial so your decor can be used for years to come. We hope that you enjoy this 20 DIY Christmas Centerpieces post.

  1. Two Easy Holiday Centerpieces from taketimeforstyle.com
  2. Table Centerpiece For Christmas from thecountrychiccottage.net
  3. Easy Cranberry Centerpiece Idea from rosyscription.com
  4. Wine Cork Vases from designimprovised.com
  5. “Kiss”-Mas Tree Centerpieces from kitchenmeetsgirl.com
  6. DIY Christmas Topiary With Santa Hats from diycandy.com
  7. DIY Concrete Christmas from monsterscircus.com
  8. 3M DIY Pallet Wood Centerpiece Box from anightowlblog.com
  9. Mini Pinecone Trees from evermine.com
  10. DIY Christmas Centerpiece from shanty-2-chic.com
  11. Glitter Painted Holiday Centerpiece from tidymom.net
  12. DIY Ombre Christmas Centerpiece from one-o.it
  13. DIY Christmas Centerpiece from dontcallyourmum.blogspot.com
  14. Rustic Christmas Centerpiece from martysmusings.net
  15. DIY Winter Floral Centerpiece With Pops Of Marsala from greenweddingshoes.com
  16. Miniature Evergreen Christmas Centerpiece from thegoldensycamore.com
  17. Make Mini Yarn Christmas Trees from thesweetescape.ca
  18. 5 Minute DIY Christmas Centerpiece from julieblanner.com
  19. Ornament Bouquet from designimprovised.com
  20. Easy DIY Holiday Centerpiece from kristineinbetween.com

Looking for even more Christmas decor? While I love a good Christmas centerpiece, I also love updating our decor a little each year with new items while donating some of our other things so someone else can enjoy them. Check out our favorite Christmas lights, holiday decor and trees.

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