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These Boots Are Made for Walking

These Boots Are Made for WalkingThese Boots Are Made for Walking

Every man should have a quality pair of boots in their closet. They are practical in inclement weather, stylish, and having the right pair makes a statement. There are many classic styles for this staple to choose from, but making the proper selection that will stand the test of time is essential. To reflect today’s current trends, it’s all in the details and materials, so make sure to take the right path. Trust the experts when it comes to style.

Fashion Meets Comfort

Boots are one of the most effortless pieces to incorporate into a man’s wardrobe. The right pair is also extremely comfortable, offers generous support and warmth during the unpredictable months. When choosing your next set of boots, make sure to select a rubber sole that will absorb impact, as well as provide excellent traction. Leather can be a great choice as it will mold and shape to your foot over time. Like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Selecting a brand that supports the heel and arch in insoles and cushioning will provide a more pleasant experience, especially for all-day wear.

Depending on your lifestyle, the occasion, and desired look, there are numerous options for men in boots. Slim leather boots pair well with a suit or business wear. Chukkas pair nicely with chinos and jeans. Lace-up boots transition well from day to night. Combat boots make a statement. Suede tradition and supple look work well in warmer months for a more casual feel. Hiking boots are worth the investment if you're heading outdoors regularly. Depending on the season, investing in a waterproof winter boot will have you ready for anything. Give your style a seasonal update that will be a wise investment for wardrobe.

Footwear Rich In History

Not all boots are created equal. One of the best selling boot brands is Bally, founded in Schönenwerd by Carl Franz Bally and is one of the best-known luxury fashion brands. Made famous for its ability to produce fine leather footwear and accessories using pioneering machinery in the late 19th century, Bally has always been a brand built on heritage and fine craftsmanship while remaining contemporary in its design. From Everest’s summit to the city streets, Bally's men's boots embody a longstanding commitment to quality footwear.

As well as creating high fashion pieces, Bally has also designed footwear for some of the world’s leading athletes throughout the 20th century, including the gold medal-winning men’s and women’s ski teams in the Olympics. Tenzing Norgay, the Sherpa who was the first to conquer Mount Everest, wore Bally Reindeer boots. They also provided the Swiss Olympic team with technical Curling shoes. With AI and 3-D prototyping to inform designs, their engineering and fashion choices embrace a multitude of cutting-edge technologies to maximize possibilities.

Infamous Modern Style

The brand has always been known for its stylish collaborations. Pablo Coppola infused new life into the brand by embracing relaxed silhouettes and bold maximalism. Recently rapper, songwriter, and producer J.Cole partnered with designers to create a unique men’s designer boots and backpack line that combines comfort, style, and simplicity. Famous graffiti artist Andre Saraiva also collaborated with line, using his illustration to make an impact. Fashion is a lifestyle statement that speaks volumes about what you stand for. 

At the core of the men’s collection are sporty hiking sneakers and curling boots, including the Maloja boots, which feature Wet Ice Technology soles by Vibram, and continue the Zermatt and Lyskamm themes. Esquire especially noted Bally’s Geneve collection features two boots, the Gerome with internal zip and the Geber Chelsea boot with brogue detailing. The Gepard derby and Georgian complete the offering with a laser-cut brogue motif featuring throughout, inspired by the Bally archive.

Invest in a brand that has stood the test of time in both quality and carries a name not soon forgotten. Bally dares to be different, always designing with longevity in mind. Their team of multi-generational artisans based in Switzerland creates handcraft styles with consistency and care, embodying their dedicated approach to making shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear fashion. You can be confident that your next pair of boots will carry you through any chapter of your life.

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