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Sweaters and Hoodies for Boys

Sweaters & Hoodies for Boys

Sweaters and Hoodies for Boys

Tea Collection Fudo Zip Cardigan – $69.00

Fudo is a Japanese boy's name that means “fire.” This cute cardigan will keep him warm and toasty.

Tea Collection Nobu Sweater Blazer – $59.00

Nobu is a Japanese boy's name that means “faith.” Soft and super stylish, this sweater blazer is a seasonal must-have.

Tea Collection Tadao Zip Cardigan – $69.00

Tadao is a Japanese boy's name that means “loyal.” This colorful chevron cardigan will be his trusty companion on chilly days.

Tea Collection Hiroki Sweater – $59.00

Hiroki means “joy” in Japanese. This soft sweater makes winter dressing a delight.

Tea Collection Kanpai Popover – $49.00

Kanpai means “cheer” in Japanese. A pattern of cheerful checkers adorns this cozy popover.

Tea Collection Ringo Popover – $49.00

Ringo means “apple” in Japanese. Cozy and colorful, this popover shares the hue of a red delicious apple.

Tea Collection Haru Sweater Vest – $45.00

Haru is a Japanese boy's name that means “spring.” This soft sweater vest will keep him warm and cozy whatever the season.

Tea Collection Arata Sweater Vest – $49.00

Arata means “fresh air” in Japanese. A colorful Fair Isle pattern makes this soft sweater vest a cold-weather must-have.

Tea Collection Sugoi Zip Hoodie – $39.00

Sugoi means “awesome” in Japanese. When it comes to fall layering, it doesn't get any better than an extra-comfortable hoodie.

Tea Collection Senjo Zip Cardigan – $69.00

Senjo is the name of a mountain in the Japanese Alps. Its known for its many alpine plants and blooming flowers.

Tea Collection Kasai Zip Hoodie – $34.95

Kasai means “fire” in Japanese. A fire-breathing dragon design wraps across the front and back of this hoodie.

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