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Read Sign Languge? Help Me Decipher a Birthday Message from My Husband

My husband cracks me up. Sometimes he is just so silly. Today is my birthday. I am not gonna tell ya old! He has been texting me all day. A little while ago I started getting these emails with hand gestures. One after another.

I wrote him back and asked him what the heck he was sending me. His response was to send the last picture below.

He sent me a freakin' message in sign language. I am too tired to even figure it out. SOMEONE HELP ME!!



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  1. Cat

    That’s really cute. It’s Happy Birthday silly!

  2. Sharon

    silly!! LOL… Cat’s right… thats what it is.

  3. It’s Happy Birthday, but he got the “t” wrong. LOL

  4. Lisa Mom of 2 Boys

    I saw it was your Bday. Did you do anything special?

  5. Yep. He says Happy Birthday:)
    I love signing<3

  6. Sophia's Mom

    Happy Birthday!!! Glad that someone was able to help!! I wouldn’t have been of any use to you…

  7. Badger Momma

    Yep. It says Happy Birthday! How cute!

  8. maggie

    It says Happy Birthday! Hope it was great~


  9. Happy Belated Birthday! I can’t believe I didn’t know yesterday was your birthday!! How sweet your husband is!! Too cute!! Hope you had a great one!

  10. Jude

    Hope you had a great Birthday and so glad your message was deciphered for ya, that was cute.

  11. It spells out Happy Birthday, but honestly, the ‘T’ is hard to tell. 🙂

    Happy Birthday!!!

  12. Leslie

    Awww! How Sweet of him! Happy(belated) birthday my friend!

  13. ellen

    I think thats sweet to do! I mean candy & things are nice, but a guy who would do something like that is plain fun! Happy Belated Birthday!

  14. Debra P

    Happy Birthday! I love the creativity and the thought he put into that. It’s always the little things that mean a lot to me, that keep the fun and the spice in a relationship. I hope you had a wonderful birthday! So sweet!

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