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Nutella & Banana Breakfast Sandwiches Recipe

We are Nutella lovers in this house. My 7-year-old daughter would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if we let her.

I am a fan of Nutella as well. I like the taste and I love that Nutella has no preservatives or artificial colors. I had no idea until recently that Nutella was also Kosher certified and Gluten free plus completely free of peanuts.

My youngest is a picky eater and very often she does not want to eat breakfast at all which really frustrates me because I know how important it is to start your day with a good breakfast.

As a result, my older daughter and I try to come up with recipes that my youngest will eat. One of our favorite breakfasts on the go is a creation that my daughter and I came up with. Here is how we make it:


Makes 4 sandwiches


2 bananas – medium size


Sandwich bread (I use Iron Kids bread) – 8 slices

I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter (ICNINB) Spray


1. Peel bananas and cut in half. Cut again length wise into about four, long slices.

2. Generously spread Nutella onto all 8 slices of bread.

3. Place four slices of banana onto four pieces of bread. Put sandwich together.

4. Heat a large non-stick skillet to about medium heat. Spray each side of the sandwich with ICBINB.

5. Put all four sandwiches into the pan and brown each side to your preference (turning occasionally). I like a golden brown.

6. Remove sandwiches and let them cool for a few minutes. Cut into quarters.

This sandwich is fabulous when fresh and just as good cold for a snack later in the day. My girls often save half of their sandwich for an after school snack.

For my family, not only is Nutella a delicious and fun party of a balanced breakfast, it is also an excellent way to get my youngest to not only eat but also enjoy her breakfast.


If you live in the Atlanta area, the  Nutella® truck’s coming your way and it’s full of tasty free samples. In addition to samples, you will be able to take a picture next to the giant inflatable Nutella® jar, get the chance to own an exclusive Nutella® Breakfast Tour t-shirt and much more. Find out more info about the tour here.

If you are not in the Atlanta area, no worries. There are tour stops across the US. I am pretty certain that these jars of tasty goodness will be making their way to you as well.

 This blog post as part of a paid SocialMoms and Nutella blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

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  1. ellen

    You know I have yet to try this stuff and the next time I am in the grocery store I am going to pick up a jar of it. I love peanut butter so have no reason not to try it although *gasp* I am not big into chocolate- the banana sandwich sounds awfully good. If I get hooked I will tell hubby it was because of a review 🙂

  2. That sounds absolutely delicious!! I’m always looking for new ways to get my (very picky) daughter to eat. I think I could even shove some pureed veggies in there, and she’d gobble it up. Thanks for sharing! :o)

  3. Sarah @ Family. Food. Fiesta.

    Nutella rocks. We love love love Nutella and banana sandwiches. So much fun. I need to get on this Nutella spokesperson bandwagon so we can get some samples! Send them over, please 🙂
    Nutella & Peanut Butter sandwiches are also super fantastic.

  4. shelly peterson

    Yum! this really sounds good. We just recenty tried Nutella and my son loves it. He would love these for breakfast, thanks for sharing!

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