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Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Monsters Recipe

kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-finish4It is safe to say that we are avid Kroger shoppers. Our local Kroger is amazing. The store is large and clean with a gourmet cheese section that would rival shops in France. They really are that good. As long time Kroger shoppers, my husband and I very familiar with their in-house brands. We actually but many of them because we love the quality. We are especially fond of the Private Selection label and the many offerings available. We also love the Simple Organic brand and have purchased these items since they first introduced it a few years ago.

About the Kroger brands

The Kroger brands stretch from corner to corner of the store, with over 10,000 quality items that families know they can trust – products you can only find at the Kroger Co. Family of Stores! These include Kroger, Big K®, Wholesome@Home™, Fresh Selections by Kroger®, Home Sense®, Comforts for Baby®, Private Selection™ and Simple Truth®. Plus, stay on budget while feeding your family meals they'll love with our P$$T…™, Check This Out… and Heritage Farm™ brands.

kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-finish5Kroger Private Selection

Private Selection is a line of gourmet and artisan foods and ingredients offering the finest, freshest, most authenticproducts. From their thick, fluffy, crisp Belgian Waffles to Sautéed Vegetable Lasagna with tender vegetables, rolled durum pasta and 4 delectable cheeses, you're sure to find something to delight your senses and elevate your culinary experience.

Kroger Simple Truth

Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® are affordable and delicious foods that represent the joy of eating closer to the way nature intended. These foods provide a simple, uncomplicated and trustworthy solution to the challenge of simply better living. You'll find Simple Truth® and Simple Truth Organic® items throughout the store during your everyday shopping trips. Clean, simple packaging and easy-to-understand ingredient lists mean you know exactly what is going into your food. kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-finish1kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-ingredientskroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-product1

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Monsters


  • 2 cups of Private Selection 43% Cacao Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips
  • Private Selection Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream
  • 2 cups Simple Truth Organic Unbleached All-Purpose Flour
  • 1 cup of butter, softened
  • 1/2 cup Simple Truth Organic Sugar
  • 1/2 cup packed Simple Truth Organic Light Brown Sugar
  • 1 tsp Simple Truth Organic Vanilla Extract
  • 2 Simple Truth Natural Grain Fed Large Eggs Grade A
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp Private Selection Sea salt
  • Betty Crocker Candy Shop Candy Eyeballs

kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-creambutterandsugarkroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-creamedkroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-finisheddoughkroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-readytocook kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-cookiesDirections

  1. Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray or use a silicone baking sheet like we do.
  2. In a medium mixing bowl, cream butter and sugars until they are fluffy and light. Combine the flour, baking soda and salt in a another medium mixing bowl.
  3. Add the dry flour mixture to your egg mixture in the mixing bowl and mix until almost fully combined. Add the chocolate chips and stir until combined.
  4. Put about 1 teaspoon of cookie mix onto your prepared baking sheet. Space them around 2 inches apart.
  5. Bake for 9-12 minutes until golden brown. Place cookies on a cooling rack until completely cooled.
  6. While cookies are cooling, use an ice cream to scoop about 1/2 cup of ice cream. Use plastic wrap and drop the ice cream. Do this for the amount of sandwiches you plan to make. Place another sheet of plastic wrap over the ice cream, smash to about an 1 1/2 inches thick and freeze for at least 20 minutes.
  7. Remove ice cream from freezer and assemble your ice cream sandwiches. Add googly eyes and you are finished. Eat or freeze.

kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-icecreamkroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-step1kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-step2 kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-step3kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-step4kroger-monster-ice-cream-sandwiches-finish6


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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Kroger. The opinions and text are all mine.

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  1. Pam Wattenbarger

    There’s nothing quite like an ice cream sandwich! I love the eyes on these, what a cute and fun idea.

  2. Denise M

    For halloween, we bake a birthday cake! Its my sisters birthday so we always make a cake or cupcakes with halloween color sprinkles

  3. These are so adorable and the kids will love them! Ok …I’ll love them! Ice Cream is just one more piece of kryptonite for me

  4. This are incredible and I love the cute eyeballs. You always have the best ideas! Now I just need to go out and get ice cream and bake some cookies.

  5. Ahh! I need these in my belly immediately. I LOVE ice cream sandwiches, and these are made with home made cookies?! Count me in.

  6. Ashley Bree Perez

    I love baking Halloween sugar cookies. (: 

  7. Katie Bellamy

    Every year we make a ghost cake. We have a ghost shaped cake pan and every year its been a different color/ decorations. My kids love it!

  8. Now these monsters are cute and they sound yummy! We’re big fans of Kroger brands too. I need to try their Private Selection ice cream!

  9. Oh wow these are so cute and full of my favorite flavor, Chocolate! I really love this idea, it’s so creative and super delicious!

  10. Our Family World

    oh my goodness! This is so tempting! I’m pretty sure kids would love it. Yum!

  11. These are so cute and looks so delicious! My kids can devour this in a snap!

  12. My niece would love these for sure (so would my sister and me 🙂 ).
    They do look a little like the Angry Birds’ piggy’s….cute little ice cream sandwiches.

  13. Stephanie Phelps

    I always love to bake Witches’ Hats so cute and easy to do and the kids think they are awesome. I love this one you did too!

  14. shelly peterson

    We love baking sugar cookies and frosting and decorating them for Halloween.

    cshell090869 at aol dot com

  15. Gina M

    My favorite thing to bake are brownies with fun decorations!

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  16. Candice

    I love doing Halloween sugar cookies, and decorating them with frosting. Usually pumpkins, ghosts, and bats.

  17. Geri Sandoval

    My favorite thing to make is cupcakes and the kids decorate them. 

  18. Reesa Lewandowski

    These look absolutely delicious! So decadent!!

  19. These look adorably DELISH! Thanks for the foodie inspiration and they are perfect for Halloween!

  20. James Robert

    What a question and as a dad raising my 5 kids alone, I am not much of a baker. I do make things for them occasionally so I would have to say Brownies since that is one of our favorites. I am just not fancy at doing things like you ladies do.

  21. Ellie Wright

    We usually bake cupcakes that the kids can decorate for Halloween.

  22. We just do a couple of decorated scary cakes for our party

  23. Barrie

    These are almost too cute to eat…almost! I like to bake Halloween cake pops and dip them in orange frosting.

  24. Tracie Cooper

    I love to make apple pie cheesecake and a tombstone dirt cake for Halloween!

  25. Steve Weber

    We love to bake sugar cookies in the shapes of ghosts and witches.

  26. Seyma Shabbir

    I love to make a halloween cake with gummy worms, ginger cookie graves, marshmallow ghosts, and gummy hands coming out the grave.

  27. Melissa

    I like to make brownies with Halloween Oreos (with the orange filling) baked inside

  28. Oh my gosh, these are too adorable. I almost couldn’t eat it!

  29. Jenny Q.

    We make sugar cookies or cupcakes and decorate them.

  30. Get in to my belly! Chocolate chip cookie and chocolate ice cream is one of my favorite combination. And so creative to make them festive for Halloween.

  31. Leigh Anne Borders

    M<y favorite thing to bake for Halloween are the pumpkin seeds. We like to take them out and roast them. We will add a little butter, sugar, and cinnamon to them. They are fabulous!

  32. I love baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread. My cousin gave me a new recipe to try this year!

  33. Jeffrey

    My favorite thing to bake for Halloween is Caramel Corn. I make it year round and its very addicting, doesn’t last long in our house. For Halloween I add candy corn, Reese’s pieces and peanuts.

  34. Marisol Gutierrez

    For Halloween we like to bake a cake that simulates a hauntef house , we use a lot of chocolates and candies, it’s a fun activity to make with the kids 

  35. Emma Spellman

    Those looks scary delicious. I will have to make some of these for my boys. Yummy!

  36. Aw, these ice cream sandwich monsters are seriously adorable! My kids would definitely approve as well.

  37. mami2jcn

    I like to bake cupcakes.

  38. Carrie

    My favorite thing to make on Halloween is witches hats … use a cone and a flat cookie as the bottom and fill with chocolate pudding 

  39. Ann Bacciaglia

    My kids are going to love these monster ice cream sandwiches. I will have to make some this week as a surprise for the kids.

  40. I’ll be honest. I’m not much of a baker, but I would attempt these little monsters. They are so cute!

  41. Linda

    I love to bake cupcakes with orange dye and decorate them with orange and black and white frosting.

  42. Kristen

    I like to bake a pumpkin chocolate cheesecake (jack o lantern face on top drawn with tiny choc chips optional!)

  43. Jennifer W

    I love to bake chocolate cake and then decorate it with spooky decorations.

  44. Elle

    I like to bake soft baked cookies and cupcakes to decorate.

  45. Those are so cute and they look tasty too! my kids would love them!

  46. victoria

    Wow this is so yummy! I really want to try these for my kids

  47. Those are the cutest monsters that I’ve seen! And I can’t wait to eat them! 🙂 My son too, for sure!

  48. You had me at fresh baked cookies…I love making cookies from scratch! I don’t think they would make it to the ice cream sandwich monsters stage though. Way too many temptations along the way.
    These look great!

  49. Can’t get better than ice cream sandwiches with home made cookies, NOM NOM NOM!!!!

  50. Kelly M.

    I love seeing how excited kids get about costumes… and the candy, of course!

  51. Janice R.

    I love baking cakes and decorating them with the kids.

  52. Tee Anderson

    I love baking cupcakes and decorating with my kids

  53. aaron reck

    Cake pops are really great treats in the fall and for Halloween I think.

  54. Tee Anderson

    cupcakes that my kids and I can decorate.

  55. Juanita May

    We always bake cupcakes and decorate them with candy corn or pumpkins.

  56. Jennifer Tilson

    I love making cookies for the kids for Halloween.

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