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DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle {Step-by-Step Tutorial}

DIY Quick & Easy Upcycled Chair TutorialI love crafting with used things that people throw out. Chairs like that can usually be had for less than $10 at yard sales. It takes a small amount of money to completely make it your own. Check out how we transformed this chair into something we proudly display in our house.


DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle5



Old chair
Paint of your choice (spray or roll on will do)
Medium Grade sandpaper
Staple gun, staples
1⁄2 yard of fabric of your choice
Look for an old chair that is solid in structure. Nothing else cosmetic matters as that will all be fixed in this upcycle

DIY Quick & Easy Chair UpcycleDIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle3 DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle2


1. Begin by taking a dry cloth and wiping away any dust, dirt, or debris. If you wish you can wash the chair prior if it needs it, just be sure to wipe dry.

2. Use the screwdriver to remove the four screws holding the seat cushion in place. Set the cushion aside.

3. Your frame of the chair will now be exposed. Lightly sand away any rough patches or scratches. Give the entire chair a light sanding to help the paint adhere better without the use of a primer.

4. Using brush on or spray paint (we used spray for quick and easy coverage) apply two coats of paint to the chair. Allow time for drying in between each coat.

5. While the chair dries, turn your cushion over and place it face down on the backside of your fabric.

6. Pull the fabric over the sides of the cushion and secure them in place with staples. Create a line of staples around the perimeter of the chair, pulling the fabric tightly as you do. This will help eliminate any wrinkles.

7. Place the seat back onto the chair and secure it in place with the screws.

Your chair upcycle is now complete. You can lightly sand the edges if you wish for a more vintage or distressed look, otherwise leave as is and enjoy.

DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle8 DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle7 DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle6DIY Quick & Easy Chair Upcycle4

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  1. Robin Wilson

    Now why can’t I find an old chair like that for $10, heck even $20!! I absolutely love the color choices you made, both the paint and the fabric would work in my bedroom perfectly. You did an awesome job. Here’s to junkin’!! 🙂

  2. Rosie

    This came out fantastic! Sometimes I have an opportunity to have an unwanted chair, and I’ve never taken it. This post makes me see I can do it – I can make it cute, it isn’t that hard or expensive.

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