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Crazy, Cool and Bizarre Halloween Pumpkin Carvings

It is that time of year again. Halloween is coming! This holiday always seems to bring out the weirdos, the macabre and those who are really into the spirit of everything. Halloween is really one of my favorite holidays and that of my family as well.

My husband usually goes all out and makes some of the coolest Jack-O-Lanterns. The kids love them.

Here are some really cool and different pumpkin carvings:

Photo Courtesy of Vyperlook

Photo Courtesy of The Party FAQ

Photo Courtesy of MMOABC

Photo Courtesy of the Chicago Tribune

Photo Courtesy of Fresh Cool Pics

Photo Courtesy of Blogington

Photo Courtesy of Blogington

Photo Courtesy of Grace in Ottawa

Photo Courtesy of Spacious Planet


Photo Courtesy of the Centre Shop


Photo Courtesy of Vyperlook

My four year old daughter is begging her daddy for this one:

Photo Courtesy Of The Justin Bieber Shrine

Photo Courtesy of Mindless Mirth

Photo Courtesy of The Party FAQ

Photo Courtesy of Instructables - Click the picture to learn how to make this!

Photo Courtesy of This Sold House

And if you want to see a cool video of Ray Villafane's work in progress, check this out:

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  1. I love the photo with the caption “Photo Courtesy of The Party FAQ”. How cool! We haven’t bought our big pumpkins to carve yet.. but we bought four small pumpkins for the kids to paint. What a fun mess that was!

  2. OK the zippered skull and predator one have to be the grossest!
    The Jacko cracks me up too!
    Can’t wait to see what your huz creates.

  3. Francis

    These pumpkins are great, but I’ve noticed one trick that none of them seem to have. If you’re using electric lights for your Jack O’Lanterns, you can use waxed paper to make the images shine out in different colours! Imagine that Frankenstein one in a sickly green glow. I might have to try making that this year!

  4. I love how different the first one is! I also hope not to see too many Justin Bieber jack-o-lanterns this year lol

  5. Some of those are just downright amazing. There’s some incredible talent there. Of course, you just can’t beat the JACKO idea! 🙂

    I’ll have to send this out to my Stumblers tomorrow when I’m at my home computer! Definitely worth sharing!

  6. Rosalia

    Nice and scary creativity! I also want to bring this type of art on this Halloween. The pictures are amazing and your husband is indeed a great artist. These look very amazing and unique. Even my kids were excited to see these pics.

  7. Wow, those are pretty amazing! Take some creativity, for sure. My favorite is the first one.

  8. Marcie

    I liked them all! My favorite was Photo Courtesy of the Centre Shop.

  9. Michael

    Those are some creative pumpkin carvings. The best I can do is a weird face.

  10. These pumpkins are awesome! The “shining” one with Jack Nicholson is great….and the crazy one above that. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Herman Gener

    Would you want to consider swapping hyperlinks?

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