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Cast a Spell with TruMoo Orange Scream Milk this Halloween

TruMoo Orange Scream Carton and JugGeneric SPI have to admit, everyone in my family loves an ice cold glass of TruMoo chocolate milk! It really is delicious. One of my favorite things here in Atlanta is the Frosted Orange at the Varsity. TruMoo Orange Scream milk tastes EXACTLY like the Frosted Orange but I don't even have to leave my home.

TruMoo Orange Scream tastes just like a delicious orange creamsicle. And the recipes that you can make with TruMoo Orange Scream can make anything taste better. I mean a lot better.
Have you tried TruMoo Orange Scream milk?


If you haven't tried TruMoo, you definitely should! TruMoo is nutritious AND delicious. It's made fresh from your local dairy and contains NO artificial growth hormones or high fructose corn syrup.

TruMoo Halloween Shopping at TargetCOSTUME SHOPPING WITH TRUMOO

We had so much fun going Halloween costume shopping courtesy of TruMoo Orange Scream milk. My kids are obsessed with costumes and they couldn't wait to try everything on as soon as we got home. Well except for Tink who was not that happy but that's only because she drank all of her TruMoo Orange Scream and we didn't have any more left.

TruMoo Sweepstakes


TruMoo has some great promotions going on right now. From now until October 31, 2014, each week, TruMoo is giving away $250 to a fan that uploads a Halloween-themed photo to the TruMoo Facebook page.

In addition, from now until November 15, 2014 fans can enter TruMoo’s Spectacularly Spooky Vacation Sweepstakes. Visit and enter the cap code found on specially marked TruMoo Orange Scream and chocolate flavored gallons and half gallons for a chance to win an all-expenses-paid trip for a family of four to a surprise Halloween destination. How fun is that?

TruMoo Paranormal Pudding


If you are like us then Halloween recipes are a must during the festive, Halloween season. It seems like every year I am upping my game and trying to make something even more exciting than the last year. TruMoo has got me covered this year with these recipes:

TruMoo Monster Mash Float

The TruMoo Monster Mash Float combines delicious TruMoo with ice cream to create this wonderful concoction that any kid will love. Pictured above that is the TruMoo Paranormal Pudding that my children insisted we make as soon as we bought our TruMoo. My kids loved it so much that they ate it the next morning before I could even take a picture.


TruMoo Orange Scream is available at Target and in the dairy section at major retailers nationwide now and throughout the month of October 2014. Regular TruMoo chocolate and strawberry milk varieties are available year round in gallon, half gallon, quart and single serve (10-, 12-, 14- and 16-ounce) bottles.


To find TruMoo Orange Scream at a retailer near you and for Halloween-inspired recipes, sweepstakes and contest information, visit

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  1. My kids would LOVE that paranormal pudding. I totally need to try that.

  2. I just picked up some Orange Scream yesterday for the first time. It’s really good!

  3. My husband brought some of this home last week. I’ve never seen anyone more excited for a dairy product. It’s good stuff.

  4. Rosie

    Wow I haven’t noticed this yet!! Luv Orange Cream flavor and this sounds delish straight up or in these recipes, I’d love to try making some recipes with this!

  5. I LOVE the costumes! Two princesses and a knight. It couldn’t BE more perfect.

  6. My son loves TruMoo chocolate milk, but we’ve never tried the Orange Scream. I guess I’d better get some!

  7. Oh, we are going to the grocery store this afternoon. I’ll have my grand daughter look for this. She’ll think it’s fantastic!

  8. Julie Wood

    I have never tried this drink before, but it looks so delicious. The orange color goes really well with my Halloween desserts. I will have to get some!!

  9. What fun Halloween costumes! Yum, I’m going to have to get some of that TruMoo for my son!

  10. That monster mash float sounds delish. I’ve never tried this flavor of TruMoo but it sounds pretty tasty. I love me some creamsicles.

  11. Angela S

    I have a carton of this in my fridge and it’s disappearing fast. Good stuff!

  12. Jennifer Williams

    I searched two stores today hoping to find this because we loved it last year. We moved though and no stores seem to carry this brand.

  13. Shauna

    We actually got this TRUMoo and the kids love, love, love it. It is fun and delicious…

  14. ellen beck

    I havent seen the creamsicle flavor here yet but I bet it is good. The pudding recipe sounds really good and I like how it is ‘Halloweeny’ looking!

  15. We are TruMoo fans here! I have yet to find the orange dream but I know my kids would get a total kick out of it!

  16. TruMoo milk is so good. I am going to have to head to the store and get the Orange flavor. It sounds delicious!

  17. I am not sure that I had heard of this type of milk before. I really want some now though. I may have to send the hubs to the store. 😉

  18. I have some in my fridge and I’m super excited to try it! This weekend, it’s happening!

  19. We can’t get enough of this flavor at my house! My kids seriously love this stuff!

  20. I’m in! Going to the store to try it! Can’t help the curiosity!

  21. These Are such great Halloween sweat treats! Love TruMoo!

  22. Linda Manns Linneman

    My grandkids love True Moo chocolate milk. I have not seen this new product. We will give it a try

  23. I need to pick some up next time I am out. Sounds like something the kids would love.

  24. We’ve never tried TruMoo. I see it everywhere though so have to pick some up and try the recipe!

  25. That Trumoo sounds really good. I can’t say I;ve seen it in the stores, but I definitely want to look for it.

  26. This is a great giveaway. I’ve got to get some great pics of my kids in their costumes ASAP!

  27. What a cute contest! And $250.00 is a pretty good reward!

  28. I’ve never tried TruMoo Orange Scream milk but it looks delicious on its own or in a recipe, I have to try this for myself!

  29. My son is a HUGE chocolate Tru Moo fan! We are excited to try Orange Scream Tru Moo this Halloween season :))

  30. We are SOOO in love with TruMoo! My stores FINALLY got the orange Scream in stock and my kids tried it last night. They are in heaven. They love it!

  31. Yumm that orange cream sounds like it would be so good. I will have to go pick some up.

  32. TruMoo is so good! I am happy to see there is an orange flavor. I can’t wait to try it.

  33. Lisa Bristol

    There are so many great recipes you can make with TruMoo. I can not wait to get some so i can try some of the recipes.

  34. My family loves the taste of Dreamsicles so they are sure to love this. I think the Halloween treats recipes are super fun too!

  35. Shauna

    We love TRUMoo and actually just finished a carton of the ORANGE SCREAM. The kids just loved it and it did not last long in this house. HA!

  36. I bet my kids would love this milk, i am going to have to look for this in the grocery store.

  37. I’ve never seen this at my Target! I have to double check, I love orange cream flavored ice cream so I bet this is yummy!

  38. I bought this TrueMoo the other day! My family loved it!

  39. WE bought this orange milk for fun the other day and the kids LOVED it!!! YUM!

  40. I think these are sold out! I can’t find them anywhere and I have all these great recipes to make with them now!

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