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Blogher 2010 in NYC

I'm TweetingLast year was my first Blogher conference. I had been blogging for about six months at that point and I honestly had no idea what to expect.

I read a few posts but nothing really prepared me for the actual whirlwind of a few days. It all still seems a little hazy but everyone tells me I had a great time. Ok not really, I did have a good time. I met a lot of great people, picked up some super cool swag and really learned a lot. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

Which is why as soon as the tickets went on sale last year, I bought one. I just started putting together a conference schedule of what I am going to do as soon as I hit NYC.

So far, here is what is on my official Blogher 2010 agenda. Am I missing something? Let me know.

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  1. WOW!! You are with the “in” crowd. This is my first time going to BlogHer and don’t have any ins to unofficial parties. I have a few to attend on Fri-Sat nights. Have Fun!!
    .-= The Gosfam´s last blog ..Aloha Friday 15 =-.

  2. Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog

    I am not going. I have been to a couple conferences and haven’t learned enough from them to explain the expense of them. 🙁 I worked SOOOO hard to get sponsorship to Blissdom and just don’t have time to work it anytime in the near future. LOL! So, until someone contacts me asking me if I want to go I won’t be going to another one any time soon. 🙂 Oh well, it would have been nice. LOL!
    .-= Kelli @ 3 Boys and a Dog´s last blog ..GIVEAWAY- Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook =-.

  3. You have a full schedule! WOw. have a great time and hope you remember it all this time.
    Won’t be making it this yr, my family needs me here. I didn’t go last yr either because tickets were sold out. Fingers crossed next year
    .-= Night Owl Mama´s last blog ..D Tweet x1http-twittercom-dewinner-status-1897 =-.

  4. I’ve never been and won’t be going this year either. Hope you have a wonderful time. Sounds like your schedule is full of fun.

  5. Looks like fun but I’m kinda glad I’m not going. It would be too much pressure for me to keep wondering if all the popular girls are going to the best parties and whether or not I’d be left out! ha ha, it sounds like high school but it feels that way!! KWIM?

  6. I tore it up last year but I have a campaign I’ll be working that weeks so I’m not going. I’ll be at the Type A Mom-Con in Asheville at the end of Sept!

  7. Beth Reed

    Wow, looks like you will be busy. I have heard it is an amazing experience, though I’ve never been. Have a great time! I am a new follower from MBC and would love for you to come visit me at sometime. 🙂

  8. Ummm…I won’t see you! My schedule is completely different. I hope I run into you somewhere!!

  9. DANG!! You go mama!! lol You are uber busy!! I am sure I will catch you sometime

  10. Wow, you’ve got an awesome list of events,parties to attend, congrats to you, from the looks of it you’ve worked hard to develop relationships. Thank you for inspiring newbies like me !

  11. I sooo wish I was going to Blogher! I just started my blog last week, and I am really devoted to making it work! I can use all the help and tips I can get! I hope you’ll share some awesome stuff with us!

    Stop in sometime!

  12. ford girl

    Some people see things that are and ask, Why? Some people dream of things that never were and ask, Why not? Some people have to go to work and don’t have time for all that..

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