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The Art of the Soup & Sandwich – Progresso® Artisan Soups

Progresso Artisan Soup Masala Curry Butternut Squash


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One of the reasons that I get so excited about fall every year is soup. That’s right. The weather gets colder and the soups get better. And I LOVE soup. I could eat it every single day.

Sometimes I do.

This year, new to the soup lineup, is Progresso® Artisan Soups. Progresso® Artisan Soups feature a new repertoire of ingredients, comes in five flavorful varieties and demonstrates Progresso’s commitment to celebrating authentic taste and rediscovering old world recipes.

This makes me happy and I was looking forward to trying it.

Progresso Artisan Soup Masala Curry Butternut Squash 41


Progresso wants people to experience the joy of good food. I love good food. My husband and I are most definitely foodies. I mean we have tried some weird stuff. However, he and I also love a nice bowl of soup each plus we split a sandwich. This happens on many late nights, after the kids are asleep in bed, because neither one of us made time for lunch that day. We connect over something like soup and we both love good soup.

You can experience good food by starting with the new Progresso® Artisan Soups. Progresso has created five new, delicious flavors to help you kick off your autumn:

1. Creamy Tomato and Roasted Red Pepper (tried this)

Vine ripe tomatoes melded with fiery roasted red peppers to create a creamy soup with a kick.

2. Masala Curry Butternut Squash (tried this)

The sweet, nutty flavor of roasted butternut squash is magnified with the addition of the unique and savory flavor profile of curry.

3. Rustic Tomato with Chicken and Dumplings (tried this)

Rustic tomato is the base of this flavorful soup with hearty chicken and dumplings for a satisfying meal.

4. Creamy Potato with Sausage and Kale (tried this)

Skin-on russet potatoes add a hearty texture to flavorful Italian sausage and leafy kale.

5. Smoky White Bean and Winter Vegetables (I am totally buying this one this week)

The culmination of navy beans with an assortment of hearty winter vegetables creates a savory taste experience with a hint of smoky paprika.

I have tried four of the soups so far and each one has complex flavors that really stand out. Progresso® really nailed it with these soups by pairing things that I would have never considered putting together yet I do absolutely love them being together. I have liked them all so far.

Progresso Artisan Soup Masala Curry Butternut Squash 3

For the final soup that I tried, I decided to pair it with an Asian Curried Chicken Salad wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Note that the curry is very light so that there is just a hint of it with a peanut vinaigrette which is also light on the peanut flavor. When combined, these two just create a great flavor to me.

I split the wrap with my husband plus we each had a bowl of the Masala Curry Butternut Squash soup. The soup tasted delicious with just the perfect amount of curry flavor.

Don’t those sound delicious? The new Progresso® Artisan Soups line offers a twist on classic soup varieties and old-world recipes. The soups feature spices, dairy and vegetables, like kale, which are new to the Progresso ingredient repertoire and have been crafted to deliver innovative flavor combinations and taste discoveries.

Progresso Artisan Soup Masala Curry Butternut Squash 2

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