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Aladdin Southern Luncheon in Atlanta


I recently had the opportunity to attend the Aladdin Southern Luncheon hosted by Momtrends and Party BluPrints at the beautiful Piedmont Estate in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Georgia.

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Bloggers from across the US were invited to celebrate the new Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection. The luncheon was all about Southern style and Aladdin which was the perfect combination.

The “Spike It” station offered a refreshing taste of flavored lemonades along with vodka (optional) all beautifully displayed in the Aladdin Mason dispensers.

14114684315_c0f865c2d6_o 14111387101_10b585d7bc_b 13928064978_bcd8ae8851_b 13928055360_00db3cd32a_o 13928023347_782940b6e3_bWe dined at the beautiful table featuring this Southern chic tablescape designed by the ladies at Party BluPrints. The table featured fresh flowers in the Aladdin jars, place cards with our names written on magnolia leaves (I LOVE THIS) and much more.

They didn't let us leave without mixing a rub using Southern spices which we took home. We used ours that weekend. Check out how to make your own BBQ Spice Rub at Party BluPrints.13928052450_0e45fd2d45_b14115044574_12f5829fed_b 13928008910_34aba5b1f4_b


Check your local Walmart or Target store for the complete Aladdin Mason Entertaining Collection or purchase online. You can find another post about the event at MomTrends plus more event info and entertaining ideas at Party BluPrints.

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  1. That looks like an amazing event. I think they need to come to Boston next 🙂

  2. Piedmont Estate is beautiful. I would have loved to gone to that luncheon.

  3. It was good to see you there, Stacie. I can’t wait to open my box of entertaining essentials!

  4. I love how everything was decorated. All of the mason jars were so cute!

  5. What a beautiful place for a luncheon. I like all the attention to detail. I’ve seen those drink mugs in Walmart. I actually bought a few of them, they are great. Love all of your gorgeous photos. Kind of makes me want to jump in the car and take a road trip to Buckhead, GA.

  6. Karen

    That looks like such a gorgeous luncheon! I love those Aladdin products, especially the mason jar dispensers.

  7. That place is gorgeous! I have friends in Atlanta, I’ll have to ask them if they’ve ever been there.

  8. What an absolutely stunning presentation – I love that tablescape! I noticed those mason jar shaped drink containers at Walmart the other day, I’ll have to take a closer look the next time I am there.

  9. While I wasn’t there in persons your pictures definitely display how amazingly gorgeous the event actually was from the venue straight down to the decorations! If that isn’t the definition of classy I don’t know what is!

  10. Could they have made it any more beautiful than they did? Wow, that was incredible!

  11. What a beautiful event. I especially love those mason jar glasses with the colorful straws.

  12. There is nothing I love more than an adorable mason jar! Aladdin is my favorite..gotta get some of these entertaining pieces!

  13. Oh my… this place looks wonderful. Love the decor

  14. Such a perfect Southern event! Love using the leaf as the place card.

  15. gorgeous. holy wowzers. i’m in love with tiny mason jars. they are just so fun. the leaf place cards are so pretty!

  16. It looks like it was a lovely event! Their presentation is beautiful!

  17. I had no idea they had such a big variety of products! So great for parties!

  18. veronica

    the set up is pretty amazing. I absolutely love the tablescape. Looks like a fun event

  19. Looks like a beautiful luncheon. Hope you had a great time.

  20. Wow! This place is truly awesome. I’m sure that you will have an extraordinary lunch with this kind of setting. I love the attention on details and the simplicity and elegance each seat have. 🙂

  21. That house is fantastic. The decor is gorgeous, and I love Aladdin products!

  22. That event looks unreal. I would have loved to attend. The decor is beautiful and love the mason jars!

  23. How beautiful is this event! We have always loved Aladdin Mason jars. Just perfect for summer

  24. What a gorgeous setting for a party! I bet the BBQ rubs were just delicious. Those Aladdin Mason Jar products look so adorable!

  25. Dina

    I love how versatile mason jars are. My kids drink out of them and I can with them.

  26. I love Momtrends and Aladdin! I had the opportunity to host an Aladdin party recently, and it was awesome. The tablescape is beautiful.

  27. What a gorgeous event! Wow, I wish I could style a lunch like that!

  28. Looks like a fantastic luncheon was had. I love my Aladdin mason jar mug, drink out of it almost daily.

  29. What gorgeous photography!! I would let to have some of the Aladdin set. Those tumblers are gorgeous. 🙂

  30. Janeane Davis

    This seems like it was such a beautiful event. Everything from the view to the table scape were just lovely.

  31. The decor at the luncheon is so lovely. It looks like it was a well put together event.

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