5 Ways to Save on Holiday Spending

5 Ways to Save on Holiday Spending

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As the holidays come around every year, it seems that stress begins as well. Some people stress over their job while others get worked up over money. Gift giving is usually at or near the top of things they stress about relating to money. We all have known for ages that the holiday season is not meant to be about gifts, yet people stress about it every year.

There are tons of ideas out there for Christmas gifts that can cost little to no money at all. The key is to put your heart in the right place and search for something that will have meaning.

Here are five ideas to help you save money on Christmas gifts this holiday season:

1. Write a Letter

On the surface, this sounds like a very tacky Christmas gift. The truth of the matter is quite something else. A very well thought out and meaningful letter to someone can be the most special gift ever given. Having something to say to someone that you care about should never be underestimated.

2. Give a Coupon

A homemade coupon for a massage, foot rub or luxurious pedicure is a fantastic gift indeed. You can literally give someone a coupon for anything that they might love. A week off from doing the dishes or no taking out the trash might be popular with the kids. Find what makes them happy and provide it.

3. Give a Performance

If you are fortunate enough to have a special talent such as singing, dancing, orating or playing instruments, a performance for your loved ones can be a wonderful gift as well. Sharing your special talents with the people that care the most about you is right in line with the message behind the holiday season. We should love and celebrate one another after all!

4. Make a Donation in Their Name

If you are limited in funds or you are unsure what to get someone, you can always make a donation of time or money to a cause that you know is near and dear to their heart. When you are contributing to charity, the amount that you give is really not the point. Of course, you should give what you can. Still, any donation is appreciated by most legitimate charities and will certainly be appreciated by your family member.

5. Get Sentimental

Generally speaking, family members each have things that the others want. Perhaps it is a special photo or piece of artwork that was passed down to you that has special meaning to someone else. Maybe it is something that a family member commented on in an earlier visit. Whatever the case, you can always give a sentimental gift among family and it will always ring true. Christmas gifts of this nature usually end up being the hit of the holidays.

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