5 Incredible Water Fountains For Your Yard Gardening

5 Incredible Water Fountains For Your Yard

5 Incredible Water Fountains For Your Yard

Are you after the perfect tranquil piece for your garden, but don’t know what to choose? Maybe you’ve been searching for the ideal water fountain, but aren’t sure what type would suit your garden? If so, then keep on reading. In this article, we are going to look at five incredible types of water fountains that you can use in your yard. Choosing fountains for your outdoor space can be tricky, so make sure that you will be able to install these before purchasing.

5 Incredible Water Fountains For Your Yard

Japanese Fountains

Perfect for your zen garden, Japanese fountains (known as shishi-odoshi, scaredeer or scareboar) provide a very tranquil setting, and are ideal for those that are wanting to create a peaceful meditation space. Japanese fountains usually consist of bamboo type pipes that tip when filled with water, making a sound when it pivots and hits the rock below (perfect for scaring away unwanted garden critters). For those that want to break the silence of their garden, Japanese fountains may be the choice you are searching for.

Solar Fountains

After something that suits your sustainable lifestyle and is environmentally friendly? Solar fountains are a popular choice by allowing you to enjoy a peaceful space without the worry of using batteries or electricity. Solar Fountains come in a variety of different styles and come with a solar panel (usually attached), which soaks up the sun, allowing your fountain to bubble away day and night.

Bubbling Rock Fountains

Bubbling rock fountains are great for individuals who want something elegant, yet simple and enjoy the soft sound of water bubbling. The idea of a bubbling rock fountain is to have a small hole in the top of the rock, which allows water to emerge, trickling down to the surrounding stones. This is a great natural choice for those that don’t want their fountain to look human-made. With these fountain types, you can choose the kind of rock and can decide if you would like a pond underneath or a rock bed.

5 Incredible Water Fountains For Your Yard

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are becoming increasingly popular in today’s age, as they can be used from modern and elegant settings to more natural ones. These are one of the most versatile fountain types and can lead to ponds, swimming pools, and basins. The trickling water can be considered a tranquil and peaceful sound, and these fountains can also be placed indoors. Installing wall fountains is generally quite easy. However, you need to make sure that your wall will have enough support for the weight of the basin.

Tiered Fountains

Tiered fountains are one of the most classic fountains of all time; however, they can be designed to suit different requirements and styles. They work by allowing water to cascade down from tier to tier, creating a soothing sound and peaceful environment. Tiered fountains come in a range of sizes, which will enable you to fit them into your yard space. This fountain style is perfect for historic houses and for those that love a classic look in their garden.

So there you have it! We’ve looked at five fountain types and how they work within their environment. Always remember to do your research before purchasing a new water fountain to ensure that you have the correct spacing, support, and water requirements.


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