5 Frugal Halloween Party Décor Ideas
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5 Frugal Halloween Party Décor Ideas

5 Frugal Halloween Party Décor Ideas

In just a few weeks it will be time to gather ghosts and goblins for a spooky good time. Halloween time brings Halloween celebrations, full of fun games to play and sweet treats to eat. But what if you are looking to say “boo” on a budget this year? No worries. Take a look below at 5 frugal Halloween party décor ideas to give you more boo for your buck!


1. Decorate a gourd station. You can typically find baby pumpkins and gourds at local farmer’s markets and roadside stands for around .25 each. Grab a few dozen for guests to decorate and take home as gifts. You can hit up the dollar store for paint, stickers, glue, glitter, and other trimmings for less. It is a great way to entertain as well as give guests a way to remember the party.

2. Make a festive garland. Buy a package of Halloween themed cupcake cups and poke a hole in each one. On a strand of twinkle lights (white or orange will do) slide the cups onto each bulb. The finished result is a festive strand of Halloween twinkle lights created for pennies.

3. Craft some spooky napkin holders. Take a napkin and tuck a Styrofoam ball (found in assorted packages at your local dollar store) inside. Use a pipe cleaner to tighten around the ball creating a ghost. Glue on two googly eyes and you have an instant ghost decoration that doubles as napkin as well.

4. Put black construction paper to use. You can use black construction paper for all sorts of décor ideas. Cut out black bats or birds and place them in windows. Or, cut out snakes or mouse shapes and place them near stairs or baseboards. You can also use them along with some white chalk to write labels for the food and beverages.

5. Take out the tissue paper. Get an assortment of orange, yellow, black, white, and purple tissue paper. Make tissue paper flowers in spooky Halloween themed colors and hang them from the ceiling or gather them in vases. See how easy it is to make some spooky and centsible Halloween party décor with just a few basic items? Give these tricks a try and get your party looking great for less! Happy Halloween!

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  1. judy gardner

    i like the tissue paper flowers idea. we have a kids halloween party every year and have actually done a couple of these things. last year we decorated tiny pumpkins for the kids to take home and this year my sister cut bats out of black construction paper and taped them to the ceiling.

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