4 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Larger

4 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Larger

4 Tips for Making a Small Room Look Larger

Since adding on to your home isn't always an option, there are several decorating tricks that can make a small room look larger. Without spending a lot of money, there are ways to decorate your home to make it appear larger.


Using the right colors of paint can make a small room look larger. Soft, warm colors will make any room appear larger than it actually is. Decorating in neutral colors such as cream, beige and eggshell make rooms look larger. If those colors are too boring for you, try vertical stripes in a coordinating shades of those colors. Add in chocolate-colored pinstripes to give the room even more dimension. Remember to paint the ceiling a lighter shade of the lightest color you use on the walls. A painted ceiling and the vertical stripes will make the ceiling look much higher.


Choose furniture that will coordinate well with your wall color. Avoid large prints and patterns. Solid colors work best. Create small groupings of furniture, leaving enough room to move about the room. Bulky, over-stuffed sofas, loveseats and chairs will make your room look smaller. Use furniture that is taller than it is wide. This will make a small room look larger.


Choose forms of storage that can double as other types of furniture. Hinged coffee tables are a great place to store magazines, remote controls and the like. Hollow ottomans with removable tops can be used to store DVDs, CDs and the like. End tables with drawers can also be used to store items.


When trying to make your rooms look larger, keep accessories to a minimum. Use tall, thin floor lamps. This will draw the eye upward. Use medium-sized wall art paired with smaller pieces. Use frames that will coordinate with your wall color. Knick knacks should be used sparingly. They can make your room look cluttered which will also make it look smaller.

Take advantage of these simple tricks and your home will appear larger. Although your actual square footage won't increase, it will look as if it did. And, these decorating ideas aren't very expensive.

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  1. Julie Wood

    Using paint is really helpful in making a small room appear larger. Also putting in the right type of furniture is good as not not over crowd a small room and leaving out a lot of clutter and putting in simple things is a good idea!

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