15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola Coke Marinade Coca Cola Cake

15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola

15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola

We all know how southerners really prefer Coca-Cola, am I right? I know that this southerner does and anyone in our immediate circle drinks Coke as well. I mean we do live in Atlanta which houses the global headquarters of Coca Cola so we are all cooking coca cola. They even have Coke recipes on their website. Most of us have known about coca cola dessert recipes for years but did you know that there is a coca cola ham slow cooker, a coca cola roast beef recipe and even a coca cola steak marinade? That's right. There is apparently nothing you can't add Coke too. We hope that you love these 15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola.

15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola15 Recipes Using Coca Cola

1. Coca Cola Rice
2. Crock Pot Coca Cola Ham
3. Coca Cola Baby Back Ribs
4. Coca Cola Brownie Sundaes
5. Coca Cola Fudge
6. Coca Cola Baked Beans
7. Coca Cola Chili
8. Easy Coca Cola Candy15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola
9. Coca Cola Ice Cream Cake
10. Coca Cola Chicken Drumsticks
11. Coca Cola Pork Roast
12. Coca Cola Pork Chops
13. Chocolate Coca Cola Cake
14. Coca Cola BBQ Chicken
15. Coca Cola Chocolate Chip Cookies

Besides the famous cherry coke ham glaze, you'll also find great recipes like coke marinade, coke pork roast, coca cola beef stew, coca cola cake, coca cola chicken and a variety of coca cola food products or coca cola foods. There is even a fried coke texas state fair and cookies made with coke. Who knew? You can get super creative with these recipes and make them your own or follow exactly as written. Find coca cola recipes beef, coca cola recipes chicken, coca cola recipes pork and so much more. We hope that you are inspired by these 15 Recipes Using Coca-Cola. Happy cooking!

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