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Playful Summer Dresses from Tea Collection

Tea Collection Koyari Trapeze Dress – $29.50

Koyari is the Indian word for “mango seed,” and we mixed that fruity feature into the cool character of this dress' print.

Tea Collection Chenab Chata Dress – $29.50

Chenab means “moon,” and “Chata” is the Hindi word for “umbrella.” The pattern of this dress is inspired by the ornately embroidered umbrellas we saw on our trip, as well as the Chenab River, one of India's major waterways.

Tea Collection Bandhani Wrap Neck Mini Dress – $29.50

Bandhani is a highly skilled Indian technique of tie-dying using mainly natural colors. It is one of the world's oldest examples of textile decoration and detailing. The dotted pattern on this dress is inspired by bandhani.

Tea Collection Coastal Chevron Wrap Neck Mini Dress – $29.50

In India, chevron patterns are traditionally worn during monsoon season. The chevron pattern on this dress is meant to represent waves.

Tea Collection Prachi Stripe Sporty Dress – $35.00

Prachi is an Indian girl's name that means “morning.” This soft cotton dress will be a delight for her to put on after waking up and starting her busy day of fun and discovery.

Tea Collection Nagina Racerback Dress – $39.00

Nagina is an Indian girl's name that means “jewel.” This darling little dress is a real gem with its ornate stained glass-inspired print.

Tea Collection Anvi Twirl Dress – $35.00

Anvi is an Indian girl's name that means “one who has to be followed.” We made this daring dress to inspire her to follow her own heart.

Tea Collection Mandala Graphic Dress – $29.50

A mandala is a geometric figure that represents the universe in Hinduism and Buddhism. It can be made of flowers, sand, fabric, rice or just about anything, but it's usually very bright and colorful.

Tea Collection Lotus Palace Hi-Lo Dress – $59.00

The lotus is a sacred flower in Hinduism, Buddhism and Jainism that often symbolizes divine beauty and purity. The distinctive flower grows from mud and unfolds one petal at a time. This print is inspired by the beauty we see in the unforgettable, unfolding flower.

Tea Collection Kerala Bubble Sleeve Dress – $34.95

Kerala is a state in India known for its stunning natural beauty and peaceful coexistence of Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Jains. We think those are two pretty powerful things to celebrate.

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