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Medifast Week 11 – Starting Over


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I am slowly getting back on the program. I had an incredibly busy week and was not home more than one night for dinner and while I brought as much This week I didn't gain or lose so that is a good thing. Next week I am planning on sticking to the program as much as possible. We will be on Spring break so it might be a little hard but our hotel will have a kitchen and we are planning to cook some meals in.


My tip for the week is for the Chicken Noodle soup which happens to be my favorite. I eat it almost every day and sometimes twice.

When making the Chicken Noodle soup at first, I was constantly forgetting to do the last step which is to cover and let it steam. As a result, I had chunky / crunchy soup that was a little strange in consistency but still tasted  good (yes, I  like it that much!)

One day I decided to re-read the directions to see what I was doing wrong. I was missing that last step and once I figured it out, the soup was even better.

So my tip for the week is to re-read the directions on all of the food you are preparing. You never know when you might be missing something whether it is critical or just a small step, it might make a difference. It did for me.


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