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Easy-Off – A Quick & Effective Clean #EOSpringCleaning

Easy-Off Oven Cleaner Heavy DutyI have been using Easy-Off ever since I bought my first house. My mother used Easy-Off when I was growing up so for me, this was the only product that I would use in my oven.

The world’s # 1 Oven Cleaner just got even better!

Now Easy-Off, the product that made cleaning ovens so much easier, has two different formulas to fit your needs.

1. Heavy Duty
This formula is for convenient cleans as it takes less than 5 minutes to cut
through even the toughest grease.

2. Fume Free
This safe to use formula gives off no caustic fumes and is safe to use in self-cleaning ovens.

Easy Off Fume FreeBoth formulas still have the same things that you love about Easy-Off including a powerful formula that gets rid of tough, baked on grease and those crusty food spills.

In fact, Easy-Off has five times (5x) more grease-cutting power than the leading all-purpose cleaner which makes it the only thing that I would attempt to clean my oven with.

As a busy mother of three children, I don’t have a lot of time to myself and I certainly don’t have a lot of time to clean. I don’t want to spend unnecessary time cleaning my oven and neither should you.

Use Easy-Off for quick and effective clean. You will have more time to spend on the things that you love doing.

“Life is better when the cleaning’s EASY.”

This is a sponsored post from Easy-Off.


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  1. April 10, 2013 at 9:47 am — Reply

    I am spring cleaning like a mad woman around here!!