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I have officially hit the 12-week milestone for the Medifast program. This has been an interesting 12 weeks. This week I lost another pound which brings my total lost (including a few gains) to just over 30 pounds. I am happy with my progress so far but I did have a few bumps in the road.

I got pretty sick when I first started Medifast. Then when I seemingly got a little better, I got sick again. I went from the flu to bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia. And let me tell you, it is incredibly hard to stick to a diet when you are sick. Although I still lost weight, I was drained from being sick.

During my next 12 weeks, I intend to really kick start my metabolism by adding some serious exercise into my daily routine. I am thinking bootcamp and maybe some additional classes at the Y that we belong to. I need to find the motivation to do this and while I am on Spring Break right now with my children, I have been walking and getting a lot more exercise than usual.

Next week will be the week that I go back to the Y. I cannot wait!


I like the Medifast eggs. I eat the regular scrambled eggs but for me presentation is everything. Once they are cooked as directed, I chop them up a little with a spoon so they look like regular scrambled eggs.

I also take the opportunity to use a condiment on the eggs making them even better. I add one tablespoon of chunky, hot salsa and it makes the eggs taste amazing. I love them this way.


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Both codes expire on 6/30/2012. See website for complete details on program and discounts. Consult your physician before beginning a weight-loss program.

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  1. Wow Stac! I didn’t know you were on that. That’s wonderful that you lost 30 lbs. I really need to get in shape but I hate starting any routine because I suck at it. If my metabolism ever changes, I will be in huge trouble because I live on coffee, chocolate, and Italian fatty foods.

    Go You!!! and here I am (wink)

  2. this is great to hear – I was just contacted by Medifast about becoming a blogger for them and I’ve been so impressed with the successes I’ve been reading! Congrats to you!

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